Nadaan is a youth led initiative that strives to form a liberal society which is socially, economically and politically aware. Started by four Delhi University students, the aim of Nadaan is to create prudent individuals with regard to prevailing circumstances, so as to enable them to build their own perspective about it and express their opinions. It focuses on the underprivileged section of the society. They plan to target common issues which people face in their day to day lives and to add quality to the lives of the “unaware” (Nadaan) by making them aware of the social, economical and political affairs of the nation.

The organisation was started in September 2016 with an objective to mobilize the youth, one of the strongest mediums of change to make well informed decisions, thus contributing significantly to a progressive India. The organization conducts open discussions as to make children aware about the events taking place outside the confines of their homes. Their motive is to make people self reliant by enabling them to form an unbiased view about life and the world.

Presently, the organization has given a chance to the youth from all around Delhi, to make an influential change with the help of their keen observation and their orating skills. Interns working under Nadaan’s winter internship program are helping kids by conducting interactive discussions with them on topics like stereotypes, gender inequality, emotions ka funda, child and adult abuse etc. The organisation has also taken up the initiative to establish libraries in the orphanages to impart the culture of reading within kids to enable them to seek knowledge from the books and inculcate this habit as a part of their daily routines.

The founders of this initiative- two 3rd year Political Science students from Gargi College, Mansi Malhotra and Himani Sharma, a History graduate from Gargi College, Navya Varshney and a 3rd year commerce student Rumaani Udgata from Kamala Nehru College, believe in approaching the target group differently by focusing on the practical aspects of the theoretical knowledge imparted by the usual educational sources.