• Make a To-Do List each morning
  • Starting your day by making a todo list can just be what you need to set your day on a certain course. With it comes the added bonus of the level of satisfaction you will get while ticking each one thing off your list at a time and might just motivate you to fulfill the targets set for the day. It might just give you a whole other of clarity about what it is that you need to do.
    • Stick post-its everywhere
    This is for all those who find it hard to remember things. A post-it here and there might just help you remember things you probably wouldn’t have otherwise, be it that submission date that is looming over your heads and fast approaching with each passing of the day, or something as extremely simple as drinking 8 litres of water.
    • Make Choices
    This might just sound easy in theory but stands to be the most difficult one as far as execution is concerned. Certain choices need to be made each day, whether it is attending that important class or that society practice or simply catching up on sleep because you haven’t slept in the past two days. It becomes detrimental to make it a point to set everything together coherently so that you know what you want to do that day and striking the perfect balance.
    • Make a schedule
    A lot of us do not really seem to stick to schedules, however, multitasking requires strict follow-through of schedule so as to not waste time and do everything efficiently in a stipulated amount of time. Time becomes extremely important here and every single minute counts. Remember, there isn’t one single formula to ace at multi-tasking and it is certainly doable if you go along with the right kind of attitude and the sheer amount of hard work. But most importantly, it is to have fun in the process and learn truckloads of knowledge.  Feature Image Credits: Big Stock Anoushka Singh [email protected]]]>