Arthashastra, the economics society of Motilal Nehru College (Evening), organised its annual economics fest on 7th of April. This one-day entravagaza saw various colleges competing  in events such as Niti Aayog extempore, Chanakya business solution, stock guru and tycoon the youth entrepreneurs.
Different colleges participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The department congratulated the students for their contribution in making the festival a success. The festival saw footfall of about 500 people, making it a huge success.
“Tycoon”- Be the Job Creator, was a unique platform that provided an opportunity of accelerating the development of a budding start-up idea and kick-starting itself as an accomplished venture, if you believe your ideas have the ability to make a dent in the universe.
“Chanakya Business Solution” was an event based on solving the real world business problems by obtaining extensive in-depth analysis of persons, groups and phenomenon and add strength to what is already known through previous research.
“Niti Aayog” was an extempore which called out to all those who feel that they have it in them to think on their feet, maintain their temperament in the heat of the moment and effectively articulate their points.
“Stock Guru”, the Wolf of MLNCE Street, was a roller-coaster ride of derivatives and stock-valuations where participants were judged on their in-depth understanding of the dynamics of this tremendously volatile market-place.
The event wrapped up with a vote of thanks.

Content by Arthashastra
Image Credits: Arthashastra