mid-sem crisis


A crisis every DUite has been through, every semester, with the same level of regret, is the Mid-Sem Crisis. The crisis that keeps bugging you in the back of your head during those merry mid semester times, but you, the happy creature, continue to avoid it.

Mid semester is that part of the semester, when you start liking the college all over again after missing the lazy holiday times. The time when you’re brimming with the zeal to explore and have fun.

But, it is only then, when the realization dawns upon you, that college isn’t as fun a place as you wish to believe. This usually happens when all the teachers one by one, and then all at once; start firing their list of tests and assignments. You try to brave the attacks, but, the crisis begins when the firing takes a toll on the plans you had made for the semester.

Nights spent watching movies or tv series, are now spent writing long assignments and questioning the education system (Why do we need to write assignments!?).

The society practices that seemed fun, now feel like a burden, because test schedules keep bothering you at all times. You can’t find time to explore places and food junctions after college.

And, if you attempt to be the brave woman, who takes up the task to give equal time and effort to everything despite the crisis, you end up being a perpetually sleep deprived, baggy-eyed creature! Gloom starts sinking in.

Gradually the fearlessness in you starts to voice itself. Consequently, you attempt to disregard the Mid-Sem crisis very boldly. You do not give up on plans or watching movies late at night.

Despite the fun, you feel the constant pricking of the long list of tasks to be done. You poor creature decide to give in to the “Do or Die” situation. Prepare for the tests or write assignments in a day or two and breathe a sigh of relief! Furthermore, you perform the ritual of pledging to be a sincere kid the next semester and continue to follow the cycle for the future semesters.

But, my friend, I believe in you, for being the brave fighter, who follows all the steps of the cycle religiously and makes the “Mid Semester Crisis” the most popular DU phenomena!

Image Credits: campusriot.com

Priyal Mahtta