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Gwyer Hall has again faced the scrutiny of the Delhi HC as a student files a petition, revealing the undemocratic nature of the hostel students’ union.

Whether for actual work or just for the mere sake of formality, democratic institutions are present at all levels in a country like ours. The union of a hostel is very much a democratic institution itself, at least for the dwellers of the hostel. However, this does not seem to be the case in the University of Delhi’s oldest men’s hostel, the renowned Gwyer Hall.
Just a few months ago, DU Beat had covered a story of a blind student who had challenged the authorities to court on the grounds of being wrongfully evicted from Gwyer Hall. Now the hostel has again found its presence on the legal grounds, as another differently abled student Umang Bhardwaj has pointed out that its students’ union is undemocratic and has held sway since their last term as no fresh elections took place this year. The petition also alleges the hostel union president of misadministration. Then we also have a report of two students being grounded on disciplinary terms by the administration; both were running for the post of mess secretary in the hostel union. Some students have also alleged that those who have possessed political sway are facing no fears of eviction and instead are enjoying the perks of a residential tenure. Such timing of all hell getting loose at the same time; is there some sort of pattern at work here?
The members of the union have completed one full tenure this November and naturally would have paved the way for others if elections were held (which did not happen for reasons yet to be disclosed). The Delhi High Court will be waiting for a response from DU for the petition by December 20th. The election issue in Gwyer Hall is violating the DU Hostel rules but also articles from the Lyngdoh Committee Report.
So, would this hostel which was once called ‘Law Hall’ respect the law and provide democratic righteousness to its residents? That only time will tell.

The hostel authorities were not available for a comment.


Feature Image Credits: DU Beat

Shaurya Thapa

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