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Winter is a wonderful time of the year, though nippy. So, as the temperature falls, rather than bracing yourselves and turning into abominable snowmen burying yourself into deep and large bulky coats, style-less scarves and large gloves, its time you hone your vogue sense, but at the same ensure you don’t freeze yourself.

So here are some trendy and spruce must-have outfits which will literally help you kill two birds with one stone by keeping you warm in the chilly weather and at the same time enable you to keep your personal vogue up!

1) Leather Jacket-

A Leather Jacket is the most stylish, multifaceted, flexible clothing that every college going dude must possess! A leather jacket goes well with any and everything. It can be worn over a hoodie or with a T-shirt to give that casual and sleek look. Further, Leather Jackets are timeless since they can be worn for years if taken proper care of!

2) A Pair Of Dark- Wash Jeans-

Although plain, a pair of dark jeans are a staple without which no closet is complete! Jack up your outfit with a leather jacket, scarf, and boots or embellish it with a suit jacket. 

3) Woolen Overcoat-

A woolen overcoat is the perfect formal and dapper winter outfit that one can sport to look stylish and feel snug at the same time! Overcoats are available in a diverse range of colors ranging from navy to charcoal, etc and are sure to make you look bold and well- dressed.

4) Crew Neck Sweaters and Cardigans-

A crew neck sweater is essentially winter’s shirt. It has a smart appearance on its own, but can also be paired with a suit and pants or with jeans. The make of a crew neck is penny-plain and hence it would go well with a print or a bright color.

Cardigans, on the other hand, are a bit old- school and the latest ones maintain the classic look but with a modern edge. Style is something that one can modify with subtle additions and hence a cardigan can be kept modern by layering it with trendy tees or a mock neck shirt.

5) Flannel Shirt-

A flannel shirt is a perfect option for a casual and layered look. A wardrobe essential it compliments a legion of outfits! This goes well with a T-shirt and jeans for a relaxed look, or can be flaunted with a roll neck with a pair of chinos to enhance the vogue!

Featured Image Credits: Vaibhav Tekchandani for DU Beat

Abhinandan Kaul
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