Q. Dear Amma, I am in a long distance relationship with the man of my dreams, both of us really want to work it out but unfortunately, being unable to meet is causing a lot of troubles. We have a very strong emotional bond, but it can’t make up for the physical longing. What do we do?


A. Aiyo, my little machhi, what a predicament you’re in! Amma has always practiced the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ method when it comes to making sure her rasam remains stirring with a variety of spices. But I am also well aware that in the matters of true love, distance can only make the heart grow fonder and the dosa more eager to be dipped in delicious chutney.
Perseverance and creativity are the key elements to making an LDR work. Don’t be afraid of letting late night conversations steam your idli batter or giving him a digital taste of you. When Amma was young, exchanging spicy letters would take so long that our batters would go sour, but you young ones have all the technology at your disposal to rumble a royal rasam from miles apart. You can start by exchanging naughty messages and end with a simulating Skype conversation. Time spent apart can work as a wonderful foreplay to when you finally meet.
Be careful, though! Like in real life, online sexy time requires caution and protection too. Even if you completely trust each other, trolls on the interwebs have no respect for the privacy of young macchhis minding their own business. At the end of the day, you are in complete control of your own body and can take legal action against anyone using it without your permission. Remember, you have nothing to be ashamed of, your body and your sexuality are beautifully complementary and completely natural!


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