The second day of Ullas 2014 commenced with Ol’ that Jazz- Western dance competition organized by the western dance society, Enigma.The event saw participation of more than ten colleges. The teams used innovative techniques and diverse combination of music to stylize their performances. IIT Delhi was judged the best performance while Jesus and Mary College ranked second. Miranda College received a special mention for their costumes. On the level of competition they faced says Aakash Singhal, President of the IIT Delhi Dance Society, “The competition was really stiff this year. We thought Maitreyi College was really good and if KNC’s performance would have been competitive, our chances of winning would have been less.

The event was judged by Mr. Adi Kumar of Just Dance and India’s Got Talent fame and Ms. Bhavani Mishra who runs the Urshilla Dance Company and has choreographed a lot many dances sequences. Passion, Ms. Mishra agreed is what makes a dance performance intriguing. She says,” Passion is very strong. It covers a huge Diaspora of emotions and techniques. Passion is all about madness and that is what I was looking for.” Both the judges agreed that the quality of dance in the University circuit has increased immensely in the past few years. Mr. Kumar attributed this to the increasing number of dance reality shows on television. Talking about the huge influence and usage of Bollywood music and style of dancing in a western dance performance says Ms. Bhavani,” This is India. If you don’t use Bollywood in your performance, I’ll get bored and stop watching it.”

IIT Delhi receive their award for the Best performance.

The Quiz Society of the College, Kaleidoscope organized their annual Inter College Quiz competition Inquisitive simultaneously. The event saw participation of 11 teams in the preliminary round in which the teams had to answer 20 questions, of which six were selected for further rounds. The Quiz was based on a General theme. The prelims were followed by an Infinite Bounds round, Who’s who, Mega Connect and Rapid fire, in which the participants had to answer six questions in 45 seconds.

Winners of Inquisitive. (From L to R) team from AIIMS, St. Stephens and Hansraj EXIMS cross.

The winners of this event were  Mukund and Fardeen from St. Stephen’s College, followed by a cross team of Abhishek Mishra and Anindita Roy from Hansraj and Exims in the second place and Soumya and Altaf from AIIMS at third. There was a tie between NSIT, Gargi and AIIMS for the third position with AIIMS emerging victorious in the second try. The participants especially enjoyed the mega connect whose usage of names like Pink Floyd, Pablo Picasso, Dennis the Menace  and  Agatha Christie made it difficult for the teams to recognize that the common link between the pictures was that of all of them being names of Hurricanes. It was only after the slide of Katrina, did the team of St. Stephens made the correct link.

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Featured image: Enigma, western dance society of KNC

Film maker, actor and activist Nandita Das was present in Kamala Nehru College on 13th Feb, 2014. The actor was invited by the English Department of the College as part of their annual fest LitLuminous. Ms. Das attended the session after the screening of her directorial debut- Firaaq.


An informal session, Ms. Das answered questions from the audience ranging from her profession to her views on Narendra Modi and society in general. For her, Firaaq and eventually her career in directing came about from a deep desire to tell this story.” I became an actor by default.The transition from an actor to director has happened like everything else in my life, by default.” said the film maker.When questioned on the almost negligible effect of the film on the public’s conscience, Ms. Das replied, “No film creates a revolution. it creates slow changes and the only way we can get influenced is by the way we relate to it.”

Mr. Narendra Modi and his politics became a huge part of the discussion. According to Ms. Das, Mr. Modi has stayed in power for so long because he is a “reflection of what we want”. She explains that the globalized world makes people feel small and insignificant. In such a scenario politicians use identity politics to help people relate to them and create an identity for themselves separate from others. This way people are falsely empowered but yet they strive and act on this empowerment.


Patriarchy is one of the biggest concerns in society today and demystifying it, the biggest task. Ms. Das talked about how men and women are both victims of patriarchy. She called the deep linkage of a woman’s identity to that of a man the biggest challenge in the women’s movement today. She asserted that change happens in one generation and all that it needs is one parent deciding to raise her/his child differently to end patriarchy.

On the difficulty in survival of independent cinema, Ms. Das said that the fault lies with the people themselves who undermine their intelligence to watch this kind of cinema and tag it as ‘elitist’. According to her, people want to watch it but low distribution and unawareness makes these films difficult to be obtained.

image courtesy : Suryanshu Hooda

The 5th Annual Theatre Festival, Concoction 2014 presented by Lakshya, The Theatre Society of Kamala Nehru College is on 27th, 28th and 29th of January. This year, Kamala Nehru College also celebrates its Golden Jubilee Year so the fest promises to present grand shows and exciting prizes.

Jiddu Krishnamurti said, “Tradition becomes our security, and when the mind is secure, it is in decay”. Every conscientious student wishes to break traditions that chain the progress of society. Taking up the theme of Breaking Barriers, Concoction 2014 brings together different sections of society on one platform for exchange of ideas and inspiration. This year the festival goes one step further with Aghaaz, street play event and Archlights, the stage play event. Moreover, Teach for India brings its talented children for a performance and Together for A Cause along with N.A.B does spoken word poetry, all for the enthusiastic college audience.

Concoction 2014 also has exclusive Q&A sessions with the city’s most fearless minds that went against all odds to make what they believe in, a reality. Each of the three days the speakers are from different fields, the first day, they celebrate women empowerment, the second, discuss issues surrounding homosexuality, and the third, extending a friendly hand towards children with special needs. The Delhi Drum Circle will also be making an appearance to add that rhythmic flavour to the festival.

Follow their Facebook page for regular updates: www.facebook.com/Concoction2014

Celebrating its Golden Jubilee Anniversary, Kamala Nehru College was host to a number of dignitaries and festivities on Wednesday, 15th January 2014.

What began as a small community of 209 female students and 60 staff in a government school building in 1964 has now, 50 years later progressed as a well established institution for women education in the field of arts, science and commerce.

Speaking at the event, Chief Guest Justice Leila Seth, the first woman judge of Delhi High Court in the year 1978, said, “It is a privilege to be associated with an eminent college like Kamala Nehru. Education is the route for all kinds of empowerment.”


The event commenced with the inauguration of Maaia, a sculpture created by eminent sculpture artist, K.N Radhakrishnan. Adorning a central position in the college garden, Maaia is the dancing girl from the Harappa civilization. On one hand she holds a tablet which symbolizes education and on the other she holds a Chhatim leaf symbolizing wisdom and knowledge. As the Guest of Honor, Mr. Radhakrishnan congratulated the college for being able to successfully contribute in the empowerment of women.

The audience was witness to a host of performances beginning with those by the music societies of the college, Sangeetika and Zephyr. The contemporary dance group Saadhiya performed various dance forms such as Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Mohiniattam, Kathak, Kathakkali and Kaalri. A short film on the college made by Tarishi Verma and Sakshi Kapoor was also screened at the event.


Listing out the success achieved by the institution, the Principal of the college, Dr.Minoti Chatterjee said, “Kamala Nehru College is a vision of providing equal opportunities to all its members, but a lot still remains to be done.” Dr. Chatterjee addressed the various issues prevalent in society like violence against women and harassment for which KNC has been working continuously to eradicate.

As part of  its golden jubilee celebrations the college will be hosting many academic and extra –curricular activities such as the theatre festival(27th  -29th  of January), a mono act play on Kabir (8th of February) by Shekhar Sen, two days folk festival in collaboration with Crafts Museum (28th Feb-1st March).

Photo Credits: Yashika Sunaria, KNC

Post an extravagant bout of some serious competition among various colleges, the second day of Ullas gave way to an explosive and throbbing performance by the Sufi rock band Nasha, which redefined the phrase and in its truest sense, set the stage on fire. As dismal as the host students were by the fact that there is no big shot celebrity performing at their fest and completely ignorant of the fact that within three years of their career, Nasha has climbed the farthest rung in the ladder in terms of popularity among the youth, it did not take more than a couple of minutes for them to break out of their disinterest and rock to the tunes of the performing artist. Primarily performing popular songs by various artists, they hit the bull’s eye with their famous version of the song ‘mein tennu samjhawan’ and ‘gulabi aankhein’.  Akhil Sachdeva, the lead singer and the front man of the band, spelt soul with every beat of the songs he sung. He enigmatically mesmerized the crowd, and was greeted by a thunderous share of hooting from his fans in the crowd. He created an atmosphere of pure mysticism by his lively and energetic performance that lasted for a time span of two hours, but echoed in the mind of the audiences for the entire night and beyond. Akhil Sachdeva was hounded by his female fan following pre and post the event, who dedicatedly chased him for photos and autographs even back stage. But the amazing raw appeal and connectivity with audience that was displayed by this band left the entire crowd awe struck and yearning for more.]]>

After entering the college premises in the morning on Day 1 of Ullas, one would probably have been disappointed to find little fest-like environment and only a few students scuttling about and the stall area. But then my ears caught the sound of booming music which led to the college auditorium. The music was loud and peppy and already jumping on my toes I made way to the door where the guard on duty squashed my spirits by promptly informing me that there were no seats available of the 1000 present in the auditorium and no, not even the steps. Ultimately, and fortunately at that, I found myself seated in the auditorium balcony, a whole seat to myself. The auditorium was bustling with laughter, cheers, whistles, dancing, everything which the outdoors lacked. Nupur- the Indian Dance competition inaugurated the events of the day with a myriad of colorful costumes, peppy soundtracks and everlasting enthusiasm. This event saw participation of various colleges like LSR, Hindu College, Gargi College and DeshbanduCollege amongst others in the categories of Solo Classical and Group Folk. The crowd cheered every participant, but it became a scream fest when Kamala Nehru took the stage and performed a Punjabi Folk Dance, and eventually also bagged the winner’s position in this category. JMC, which stood second in the Group category performed a lavani act, while Gargi College which stood third enthralled the audience with a Haryanavi act. Alongside, the Seminar Room saw the conduction of Crossfire, The English Debate competition. The participants were given three topics to choose from, all in keeping with the theme – Politics sans ethics? Eventually, a cross team of Deshbandu College and Kamala Nehru College walked away with winner’s title while the best speaker was from RijulKataria from Hindu College. Next up was the choreography competition, which began at around at 1:00pm in the college auditorium and was nothing but riveting, keeping the audience glued to their seats. Every participating college was performing a unique theme and must have managed to do complete justice to it, for the judge was all praises for them. HIndu College displayed a graceful performance on the theme ‘Blind Trust’ while Lady Shri Ram had ‘Competition’ as theirs. Gargi gave a new meaning to ‘Run’ while Kamala Nehru’s ‘Ab Bas’ which was based on the rape incidents managed to raise goosebumps. The auditorium was jam packed and leaving your seat was not an option, for re-entry wouldn’t have been possible. Glitz, the Fashion Show began an hour late. The students, not the one to sit idle, started dancing on the music being played in the background giving a head start to the DJ night scheduled later for the evening. Glitz, of course was a huge success and was witness to themes as polar opposite as ‘Seven Sins’ and ‘Bohemian Culture’. Institute of Home Economics took away the first prize and College of Vocational Studies followed with the second. While the Auditorium was buzzing with these events, there was activity outside as well. Swaranjali-the Indian Music were witnessed by audience who appreciated their talents. Business Plan organized by the Commerce Society saw a lot of enthusiastic participation with Indraprastha University winning the first position on their plan of a Warehouse. The day ended with a lot of students, their friends, strangers shaking their legs to popular Bollywood and Punjabi music. In the midst of dancing, the crowd was surprised by a flash mob organized by the dance societies of Kamala Nehru who took it upon themselves to teach the crowd a few winning moves. The area was beefed up on security with lot of police and security guards roaming around, but fortunately, no incident of misbehaviorwere reported. Overall it was a good day, setting a benchmark for the next and final day of Ullas 2013.   Niharika Singh ([email protected]) and Cheshtha Gupta ([email protected])]]>

With the fest fever already high in Delhi University, it’s now time for Kamala Nehru College to open its gates for the rest of the students. Scheduled to begin on 4th March2013,Ullas – meaning exuberance – is aiming to live up to its name and some more. Spanning over two days, there are a plethora of activities and competitions to choose from,such as Horse Trade, a barter game organized by the Commerce society which puts your persuasion and bargaining powers to test.“A little sycophancy might also help,”adds Mahima Dayani, the General Secretary of the college.“Ullas is a culturally active fest and all the college societies are working really hard together to take this show to another level,” she explains. For the most sought-after event she says, “Definitely Glitz, the fashion show. We record the largest turnout every year for this event.” The societies of Kamala Nehru College are famous entities around the University and this time they invite you to their college to battle it out for amazing cash prizes and boasting rights. For the one with verbal diarrhea, there is Crossfire (English Debate) and Abhivyakti (Hindi Debate) to choose from. For the creatively inclined, there is caricature, Poster Making organized by Luminoso, the Fine Arts Society. The singers can battle out their baritones and altos at the various music competitions lined up. There are also Western and Indian Dance events, and for the walking encyclopedias, Inquizzitive (Quiz competition) is the perfectevent. There is of course Glitz, a fashion show competition famous for not just its clothes and a Celebrity Show. It is going to be two days of high spirits and big smiles. Expect a lot of drama, laughter and money flowing around. Also, there will be the delicious food stalls serving everything under the sun to whet your appetites. Offering a piece of advice, Mahima warns, “KNC is a women’s college so expect tight security and any violation of rule will not be tolerated.”Do not be deterred, just refrain from doing something which would lead you right out of the gates. Entry is through passes, which are to be purchased from the college. Mark your planners, folks!   Day 1, 4th March, 2013 Inauguration in Auditorium at 9:00 am Nupur ( Indian Dance) Auditorium -9:30 am Crossfire ( English Debate) Seminar Room -10:00 am Srijan ( Hindi Creative Writing) Computer Lab- 1 10:00 am Swaranjali ( Indian Music) Sports Ground -10:00 am Luminoso ( Fine Arts) Room No. 25- 10:30 am ( Bamboo Room) Mehendi, Tattoo Making and Caricature Nrityakriti ( Choreography) Auditorium- 12:00 pm Glitz ( Fashion Show) Auditorium- 2:00 pm Business Plan Seminar Room-2:00 pm Jam Session Sports Ground-4:00 pmonwards Day 2, 5th March, 2013 Ol’That Jazz ( Western Dance) Auditorium- 9:00 am Inquizzitive ( Quiz) Seminar Room -10:00 am Performance by Turkush, a multi-genre Delhi-based Hindi band- Sports ground- 10:30 am Luminoso ( Fine Arts) Room no. 25 Bamboo Room- 11:00 am Dhun, Poster Making) Treasure Hunt Chaupal- 12:00 pm Rhythm ‘N’ Blues ( Western Music) Auditorium -12:30 pm Horse Trade ( Barter Game) Student Activity-2:00 pm Centre Abhivyakti ( Hindi Debate) Computer Lab- 1 1:00 pm Celebrity Show by the band Nasha- Sports Ground- 5:00 pm onwards Visit their Facebook page for more details, http://www.facebook.com/UllasAnnualFestKamalaNehruCollege   Niharika Singh]]>

Zoom into the campus central of Kamala Nehru College on the 13th of September and you shall witness some adroit minds at work, some creative juices overflowing accompanied by a lot of numerical analysis floating in the air. In a situation like this let worry not overpower, for you are at the enthralling Commerce Fest of the college, named Commxcelsior to my extreme fascination.

As grand as it might seem, what is veiled behind the making of this fest is also pure grandeur. With an anticipated participation of more than 600 students from across the universities (as enumerated last year), this fest is soaring high to make a mark of its own. Their sponsors range from Haldirams and tupper ware to 104 FM and an array of others. If caught amidst a rare spurt of boredom, it shall be very short lived as you’d find yourself surrounded by the most quirky stalls of hair braiding, tattoos, tarot card reading and accessories along with some delectable food delights of Subway and others to satiate your hunger pangs.

Commxcelsior will be organizing five commerce centric activities to test the businessperson in you.  Commencing at 10.30am with AD-MAD, which is an advertisement making competition, you could awaken your creative as well as marketing geniuses to grab prizes worth Rs 13,500 in a team of three. Simultaneously set to be conducted are some presentations depicting a Business plan on the theme of Social Entrepreneurship. This activity invites participation from teams of 2 members each, who will compete for prizes worth more than Rs 15000. Next is the most highlighted happening, a mock stock exchange taking place at 2 pm, called ‘Bulls and Bears’ that shall put your dexterous skills of sale, purchase and investment to check. Each team can have two members for this activity, and strive for cash prices worth Rs 15000. The same will be held alongside a Commerce Quiz, which shall be played with a partner where the team can gloriously display knowledge of the subject in text and in practice. Prizes up for take here are worth Rs 9000.The final activity shall be a group discussion at 2.30 pm that seeks participation from those willing to discuss Commerce related agendas, with a bait of Rs 6,500.

“It will be an enriching experience for all those who believe in thinking out of the box and conquering the world with their knowledge” says Upasana, the General Secretary of the Commerce society. So if you want some stimulating fun along with some gripping exchange of ideas, this is the event that you should definitely not give a skip. Pin it up for the 13th of September, as lots of frolic awaits you in the environs of Kamala Nehru College.