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Ullas 2013: Day 1 Enthralls All

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After entering the college premises in the morning on Day 1 of Ullas, one would probably have been disappointed to find little fest-like environment and only a few students scuttling about and the stall area. But then my ears caught the sound of booming music which led to the college auditorium. The music was loud and peppy and already jumping on my toes I made way to the door where the guard on duty squashed my spirits by promptly informing me that there were no seats available of the 1000 present in the auditorium and no, not even the steps. Ultimately, and fortunately at that, I found myself seated in the auditorium balcony, a whole seat to myself. The auditorium was bustling with laughter, cheers, whistles, dancing, everything which the outdoors lacked. Nupur- the Indian Dance competition inaugurated the events of the day with a myriad of colorful costumes, peppy soundtracks and everlasting enthusiasm. This event saw participation of various colleges like LSR, Hindu College, Gargi College and DeshbanduCollege amongst others in the categories of Solo Classical and Group Folk. The crowd cheered every participant, but it became a scream fest when Kamala Nehru took the stage and performed a Punjabi Folk Dance, and eventually also bagged the winner’s position in this category. JMC, which stood second in the Group category performed a lavani act, while Gargi College which stood third enthralled the audience with a Haryanavi act. Alongside, the Seminar Room saw the conduction of Crossfire, The English Debate competition. The participants were given three topics to choose from, all in keeping with the theme – Politics sans ethics? Eventually, a cross team of Deshbandu College and Kamala Nehru College walked away with winner’s title while the best speaker was from RijulKataria from Hindu College. Next up was the choreography competition, which began at around at 1:00pm in the college auditorium and was nothing but riveting, keeping the audience glued to their seats. Every participating college was performing a unique theme and must have managed to do complete justice to it, for the judge was all praises for them. HIndu College displayed a graceful performance on the theme ‘Blind Trust’ while Lady Shri Ram had ‘Competition’ as theirs. Gargi gave a new meaning to ‘Run’ while Kamala Nehru’s ‘Ab Bas’ which was based on the rape incidents managed to raise goosebumps. The auditorium was jam packed and leaving your seat was not an option, for re-entry wouldn’t have been possible. Glitz, the Fashion Show began an hour late. The students, not the one to sit idle, started dancing on the music being played in the background giving a head start to the DJ night scheduled later for the evening. Glitz, of course was a huge success and was witness to themes as polar opposite as ‘Seven Sins’ and ‘Bohemian Culture’. Institute of Home Economics took away the first prize and College of Vocational Studies followed with the second. While the Auditorium was buzzing with these events, there was activity outside as well. Swaranjali-the Indian Music were witnessed by audience who appreciated their talents. Business Plan organized by the Commerce Society saw a lot of enthusiastic participation with Indraprastha University winning the first position on their plan of a Warehouse. The day ended with a lot of students, their friends, strangers shaking their legs to popular Bollywood and Punjabi music. In the midst of dancing, the crowd was surprised by a flash mob organized by the dance societies of Kamala Nehru who took it upon themselves to teach the crowd a few winning moves. The area was beefed up on security with lot of police and security guards roaming around, but fortunately, no incident of misbehaviorwere reported. Overall it was a good day, setting a benchmark for the next and final day of Ullas 2013.   Niharika Singh ([email protected]) and Cheshtha Gupta ([email protected])]]>

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