Kamala Nehru College


The Literary Society, Department of English, Kamala Nehru College is hosting its annual fest, LitLuminous ‘13 on the 26th of February. The theme this year focuses on mythology and is called “Mythopoesis”, the re-interpretation of mythology in contemporary times in popular media, literature etc. The fest aims at conjecturing how myths survive in the contemporary times, with focus on cultural texts and all popular forms of art. The evolution of myths and their reinterpretations as represented in popular culture shall be studied- how mythology transcends the classical era to things we witness every day. Students are encouraged to theorize their own understanding of mythology in their social milieu. LitSoc, KNC invites papers on this theme for the Paper Presentation event. Abstracts shall be accepted till the 20th of February. Shortlisted participants will be intimated and full papers are to be submitted by the 23rd of February. The full papers shall have to be presented on the 26th of February. Presentations can be made both individually as well as in groups of 2-3 members. Gift hampers await all participants. Entries should be mailed to [email protected] Visit the event page for any further details, https://www.facebook.com/events/353059021467678]]>

When festivity begins with a dash of pristine goodness and the intent to spread joy across every nook of our diversified community, you know there isn’t a louder thud of cheer that shall float around for the rest of the season. Imbibing this wholesome philosophy of generosity, Kamala Nehru College marked the season of festivity by celebrating ‘Adrith’ , an NGO cum Diwali mela in collaboration with Delhi States AIDS Control Society on 18th October 2012. As humble as was the purpose, the commencement of the event was far thunderous and enthralling. With an inauguration by the esteemed Principal, Ms. Minothi Chatterjee, what trailed was a mesmerizing kathak performance by Mr. Sunny Sushoday followed by a performance by the dance society of the college, ‘Nupur’. The fashion society, Glitz hypnotically walked to claim the spot of the most popular society of the college once again. An awe inspiring Rajasthani folk dance performance by children suffering from thalassemia rendered an atmosphere defined by pure charisma. Witnessing a resolve worth admiration, out on display were a number of NGO stalls that stirred the latent string of responsibility in every individual as was evident. Among the many who made their presence noted were Art of Living, National Federation of the Blind, Parivartan Sandesh, Manzil and Smile. These NGOs are testimony of change making and evolution in their respective spheres of social work. ‘Kayakalp’, an initiative by SIFE SRCC which aims to empower puppeteers of low income groups and ‘Project Akshar’ which is an endeavour by SIFE SSCBS, captivated a mammoth crowd. A meticulous effort was made by conducting several health check-up camps like the blood sugar camp, homeopathy camp and the national thalassemia camp. The event was a host to many sensitizing activities, with an aim to educate the youth about blood donation. The Poster making competition saw a roaring participation and entailed cash prizes worth Rs 10000 along with the street plays which were a gripping power house of action. In dearth of absolutely nothing, the event housed frolic, reverberating jam sessions, scrumptious food stalls and recreational acts of shopping. A power pact performance by the rock band ‘Zzid’ and an absolutely lyrical performance by the Bihu dancers of Pragjyotish Bihu Husori Group rewardingly concluded the event. But amidst all the flair throughout the event, what stood out as the hero was the pure resolve of righteousness, vigour and honest intent of integration of the society to give back with all humility. “It was just very satisfying working for the college in the name of a good cause” says Shivangi heaving a sigh of contentment.]]>

Zoom into the campus central of Kamala Nehru College on the 13th of September and you shall witness some adroit minds at work, some creative juices overflowing accompanied by a lot of numerical analysis floating in the air. In a situation like this let worry not overpower, for you are at the enthralling Commerce Fest of the college, named Commxcelsior to my extreme fascination.

As grand as it might seem, what is veiled behind the making of this fest is also pure grandeur. With an anticipated participation of more than 600 students from across the universities (as enumerated last year), this fest is soaring high to make a mark of its own. Their sponsors range from Haldirams and tupper ware to 104 FM and an array of others. If caught amidst a rare spurt of boredom, it shall be very short lived as you’d find yourself surrounded by the most quirky stalls of hair braiding, tattoos, tarot card reading and accessories along with some delectable food delights of Subway and others to satiate your hunger pangs.

Commxcelsior will be organizing five commerce centric activities to test the businessperson in you.  Commencing at 10.30am with AD-MAD, which is an advertisement making competition, you could awaken your creative as well as marketing geniuses to grab prizes worth Rs 13,500 in a team of three. Simultaneously set to be conducted are some presentations depicting a Business plan on the theme of Social Entrepreneurship. This activity invites participation from teams of 2 members each, who will compete for prizes worth more than Rs 15000. Next is the most highlighted happening, a mock stock exchange taking place at 2 pm, called ‘Bulls and Bears’ that shall put your dexterous skills of sale, purchase and investment to check. Each team can have two members for this activity, and strive for cash prices worth Rs 15000. The same will be held alongside a Commerce Quiz, which shall be played with a partner where the team can gloriously display knowledge of the subject in text and in practice. Prizes up for take here are worth Rs 9000.The final activity shall be a group discussion at 2.30 pm that seeks participation from those willing to discuss Commerce related agendas, with a bait of Rs 6,500.

“It will be an enriching experience for all those who believe in thinking out of the box and conquering the world with their knowledge” says Upasana, the General Secretary of the Commerce society. So if you want some stimulating fun along with some gripping exchange of ideas, this is the event that you should definitely not give a skip. Pin it up for the 13th of September, as lots of frolic awaits you in the environs of Kamala Nehru College.