Here’s a note from our Editor-in-Chief for the second-year students as they shed their layers of freshness to enter the second year; with (in) experience.*

With the hump of an adventurous (read: chaotic) first year coupled with the exhilaration and exhaustion that college life brings, congratulations on making it to the second year. Hurray! I know it has been tough for each of you with unlearning age-old habits and stepping into an entirely new realm of customs, traditions, and most importantly, individuals. I’m glad to see you doing the best you can. I’m proud of you.

I would be lying if I said that the second year would be more or less similar to the first year. No. For every student irrespective of the differences that exist, the second year would arrive at your doorstep with an eerie silence followed by a thunderstorm. You’ll find yourself trapped in the cage of stress, all thanks to the curriculum consisting of five subjects along with the rat race to expand your LinkedIn profile. Because, well, college is all about hustling, right? No matter how much I want to disagree but this is the sad reality. Experiencing a burn-out will be inevitable, unfortunately.

This is what I would like to tell you via the medium of this editorial. When you will be swarmed by countless assignments with deadlines that always make an appearance a day before and (sad)istic internships that make you churn out every bit of your skill, take a break. I acknowledge the need for personal growth during college life but at the same time, don’t throw yourself into the maze of productivity only to give birth to mishmashes that literally drain your soul.

Take a break to lie down on the green fields of your college while the warmth of the autumn sun hugs you gently. Take a break to get acquainted with your classmates, know about their roots and grab a bite to eat at different (and affordable) places across Delhi. Take a break to resume the book that you had left unfinished owing to the offline semester exams. Take a break to stream ‘Masakali’ and dance your heart out while you breathe in the smell of (rare) Delhi rains. Take a break to remember and do what makes you happy. Or has hustling made you forget the little things that gave you joy?

In a nutshell, don’t deny yourself of the simple pleasures of life, dear junior. I empathise with the splashes of peer pressure that conversations and experiences tend to leave, however, balance is what is the need of the hour. Divide time between leisure and academics added with career pursuits. You cannot expect yourself to be at your best when you are burned out. Sorry, Bunny but rukna bhi kabhi kabhi zaroori hai oochi udaan ke liye.

*This article first appeared in our physical newsletter Volume 16, Issue 2. Don’t forget to grab your copy of the latest edition of our newspaper every Wednesday!

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Himasweeta Sarma

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