JMC MUN 2017


After two scintillating days, it is finally time to call curtains for the JMC MUN Conference of 2017. This conference saw the most agile of minds and most hardworking of teams unite to produce an event to remember; and this brief was not only met, but far exceeded in terms of both expectation and overall satisfaction.


The first day began on a high note, with the honorable Justice Markandey Katju, ex Chief Justice of India delivering the keynote address at the opening ceremony. The audience was captivated by his signature wit, and delegates were roused to action upon hearing his inspirational words of wisdom. This was followed by an opening speech by Ms. Alimah Rehan, Secretary General of JMC MUN 2017, a bright and dedicated young lady whose passion for the MUN touched every person in attendance. And finally, with the resounding sound of the gavel, the conference was officially declared open.


And so began the action. The excited delegates were raring to go, and launched straight into intensive debate as soon as their committees were in session. Allegations flew, speeches were made, and an atmosphere of somber intensity and focus was created as the committee’s deliberated on how best to solve their respective agendas. These tense sessions were interspersed with breaks, wherein the delegates could unwind to socialize, lobby and network in the company of their fellow delegates, and of course the delicious feast of food laid before them! The organizing committee ensured that the food was a delectable delight, and a well deserved treat for the exhausted delegates.

The second day was about solutions and resolutions, and finally a bittersweet conclusion. While only a select few could take home awards, each and every participant undoubtedly took home a lifetime of memories and an enriching experience. The Secretary General’s closing address summed up perfectly the emotional journey that is setting up a conference, and left everyone feeling nostalgic with her meaningful words.


We here at JMC make it our mission to break barriers and set new standards, and remain committed to doing just that. The only cliche we can deign to conform to is “bigger and better”,

Because that’s exactly what we promise we are going to do for the next edition of the MUN. For those of you who joined our family this year, we thank you and hope you had a wonderful experience, because we certainly did in setting all this up for you. We’d also like to thank our esteemed sponsors and guests for adding value to this important event. There is not a single thing we’d do differently.


JMC Model United Nations Society.