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Hello, everyone. I am just another student in the crowd of thousands who has recently joined Delhi University. While I imagined college to be all hap and happening, I wasn’t really aware that things in this city were going to be that difficult to manage. There are countless things I get stuck with every day, and initially, I did feel like packing my bags and heading back to my hometown, but the universe has its way to fix things.

And for me, that fix was Jaadu, Duh. No Koi Mil Gaya reference here.

Jaadu, a personal butler service came to my rescue when I was first loitering around in colleges for admissions. The second cut-off list was just out, and my phone had no internet access to check the same. But, right there and then, I saw a pamphlet at a desk which read about Jaadu. They claimed that they could do anything and everything you wanted by simply leaving them either an SMS or a Facebook message. Immediately, I left Jaadu a text message and asked them to send me the cut-off list of the requisite college for specific courses. They greeted me well and sent all that was required in less than 10 minutes. At first, I was skeptical about their service, but no this was real, and it was happening.

At another instance, I sent a Facebook message to Jaadu asking if they could help me with the cheapest cabs available from my location and to my surprise, there was a cab waiting outside exactly 15 minutes later. No need of having multiple apps, no need to enter into irritating conversations with drivers, and no hassle at all.

After the tedious admission procedure, I was all fueled up for my PG hunt. We knew nothing about the place, so we had no idea where to go and search for the ‘good’ PGs. All I did was message Jaadu about my requirement which was basically finding an affordable accommodation, close to my college. After half an hour or so, there were pictures from 4 different PGs perfectly matching the requirements with their respective locations. Honestly, I didn’t have to pay all the PGs a visit; I totally loved the first one and finalized it right there and then. I soon realized that I would need Jaadu as long as I live here.

A few days later, I was doing extra hours at college; you know the kind of excitement you have for your first assignment. Now amidst all the taxing work, I completely forgot that I had to take my medicine. Immediately I messaged Jaadu and they were there in less than half an hour with the medicines I ordered. I also ordered a glass of lemon juice, which they fetched from the nearest juice store. Yes, they did charge me a convenience fee this time, but it was a bare minimum. This is how sorted my life had become.

Oh, and you have to hear this one out. I was really hungry at 2 in the night. Now my PG’s have really strict timings. But I hardly had anything to worry about, because Jaadu was there. I placed my order of a huge grilled burger and some chocolate Brownies and nom nom; it was there, in roughly 40 minutes. This is definitely not bad if you are looking for midnight bytes. 

The story doesn’t end here. Last Sunday was my mom’s birthday and I had already selected a Westside kurta but had no idea where I would find the store or the post office here. So I sent Jaadu the pictures of what I had selected and gave him the postal address. And my work was done the very next day. My mom was delighted to see the present and asked me how I managed to do all this and all I said was.

“Maa Jaadu 😉 “

Yes, I did have to pay the amount in advance which I very conveniently did for they had gained my trust and love.

I am now a loyal customer, always seeking their help every now and then.

And so I say, it has helped me, it will help you. 

You can SMS them at 9818884394 (Thank me later) or check out their Facebook page here

Image Credits: https://web.facebook.com/jaaduinc/photos