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Getting into a high-ranking college is everyone’s dream, but University of Delhi’s (DU) high cut-offs make it difficult for the aspirants to get into their dream college. However, the inter-college migration system offers a second chance to the students to turn their dreams into reality.

Amidst the sky-high cut-offs, limited seats, and a large number of applicants, it becomes difficult for the students to get admission in the college of their choice. The migration process in DU offers a second chance to the students to migrate to their dream college in the second year. It gives a chance to the students to study in one of the renowned colleges. However, according to the University of Delhi, “Migration is not a right; it is only a permissive facility and not an obligatory one. It all depends upon both incoming and outgoing colleges concerned; therefore, the policy of Reservation in Migration for both Inter-College & Inter-University is not applicable.”

  1. Students pursuing B.A. Programme & B.Com., B.A. (Honours), B.Com. (Honours), B.Sc. (Honours) are eligible to migrate to another college in their third semester.
  2. Securing passing marks in all the papers in the first and second semester is a necessary requirement.
  1. Students are not allowed to migrate from a regular college to School of Open Learning (SOL) or the Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board (NCWEB).
  2. Migration is allowed from one college to another only in the same course.
  3. Only undergraduate students can apply for migration.
  4. Migration is only allowed in the third semester.
  1. The No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Head of both the colleges, that is, the one where the candidate is presently studying, and the other where he/she wants to migrate.
  2. A leaving certificate from the college.
  3. Mark sheets of the examinations passed.

A student who applied for migration last year told DU Beat that the migration process is very hectic and the outcome is unpredictable. He further added, “Most of the times, contacts are needed in order to migrate and there are no specific criteria apart from having passed all the examinations. It is completely up to the colleges concerned. Getting the NOC from both the colleges is a real task and you require contacts for that. Many times, students with 9 CGPA also fail to get into the college of their choice, while students with lesser scores get through it.”


Feature Image Credits: Akarsh Mathur for DU Beat


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With cricket fever as rampant as ever on the eve of the India-South Africa Test series, DU’s first inter college cricket tournament for this session came to an end on the 2nd of November 2015. The tournament that commenced on the 27th of September was yet again an exemplar of the budding talent that exists in the DU cricket circuit. The 41 matches that were played in the conventional 50 over format saw 7 centuries, 47 half centuries, over 550 wickets and nearly 11,500 runs scored making it one of DU’s finest tournaments till date. Ashish Tokas was the tournament’s top scorer scoring over 300 runs in total whereas Navendu Sharma was the bowler to watch out for having claimed 21 wickets. Victories on average were by a narrow margin, with the match between SGND Khalsa College and NSIT ending with the former winning by only a single run, but some matches also saw massive differences in score lines. Shaheed Bhagat Singh defeated Zakhir Hussain by 163 runs after they themselves lost to Deshbandhu by a 140 runs in the initial stages of the tournament.


Image Credits: CricketGraph
Image Credits: CricketGraph


The grand finale on the 2nd of November was played between the two teams who have established themselves as the powerhouses of the DU cricketing circuit over the last couple of years. Swami Shraddhanand College  defeated their archrivals Aryabhatta for the third consecutive year in a row to retain the bragging rights for one more year. With an impressive target of 301 set in the first innings and an excellent display of bowling, Swami Shraddhanand cruised to victory defeating Aryabhatta by 103 runs and completed a hatrick of University titles.


Image Credits: Cricket Graph
Image Credits: CricketGraph

Featured Image credits- CricketGraph

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After 4 days, 26 matches and 86 goals, 16 teams have survived the first set of qualifiers and are aiming to make it through to the league stages of the DU Inter College Football Tournament that are scheduled to begin from the 14th of October. The results are as follows:


  • 6th October:Satyawati (E) College 2-0 SGND Khalsa College
    SGGSCC 4-2 Sri Aurobindo College (E)
    Shivaji College 1-0 Aryabhatta College
    Ram Lal Anand College 2-1 Ramjas College
    Dyal Singh College (E) 1-0 Acharya Narendra Dev College


  • 7th October:CVS 2-0 Keshav Mahavidyalaya
    DDUC 4-1 Rajdhani College
    Sri Aurobindo College 2-1 Bhaskaracharya
    Zakhir Hussain (E) 6-0 Ramanujan College
    IGIPESS 2-1 Dyal Singh College


  • 8th OctoberSatywati (E) 0-0 Hansraj (4-2 on penalties)
    PGDAV 5-0 CIC
    Satyawati 3-1 NSIT
    Maharaja Agrasen College 4-1 SGGSCC
    Shivaji College 2-1 DCAC
    Ram Lal Anand 2-1 Shyam Lal College
    Swami Shraddhanand College 1-0 ARSD
    Dyal Singh College (E) 1-0 Deshbandhu College


  • 9th OctoberShaheed Bhagat Singh College (E) 4-1 CVS
    SRCC 3-0 Hindu College
    Shyam Lal College (E) 5-1 DDUC
    Bhaskaracharya 2-2 Moti Lal Nehru College (3-0 on penalties)
    Zakhir Hussain (E) 3-1 Shaheed Bhagat Singh College
    BR Ambedkar 1-0 SGTB Khalsa College
    SSCBS 4-1 PGDAV(E)
    IGIPESS 2-1 St. Stephens College


The sixteen teams will face off in another set of matches on the 10th and 12th of October to determine which four will progress to the league stages. Last year’s top four teams: KMC, SVC, Moti Lal Nehru (E) and champions Zakhir Hussain were given direct entry to the league stages and will face off against the four victors that emerge over the next two match days. The current top scorer of the tournament is Puneet from Zakhir Hussain (E) who has scored 6 times in 2 matches. Madhav from SSCBS and Thang Mamang from Shyam Lal (E) are tied for second place with four goals each.


We would like to remind our readers that matches are available live on www.ncfl.in along with highlights and updates brought to you by the North Campus Football League team.


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