Sex Amma answers your queries about the world of hookups and complications with sheer humour and wit.
Dear Sex Amma, I am a virgin to the hook up culture, but I want to try it. I am simply scared of falling in love with someone who just wants to be ‘friends with benefits’ with me. Although I know that I have good conversational skills, I’m afraid I’m too shy and ugly.
My sweet chutney, Amma understands your dilemma. Such is the heat and tang of the hook-up culture that no one can really be free from it. Even Amma has experimented with many kinds of rasam in her golden days. My advice to you would be to go ahead with the experimentation, but for the right reasons and with the right macchi. Do not feel like you have to be a part of it, simply because everyone else is. Go for that experience only if you feel comfortable enough. Pick a partner you can trust and let him or her know how you like your dosa. Do not hesitate to be open about your feelings and tell him or her that you just want a physical association. Amma has swaddled many a young munchkin on her bed. Take it from me, honesty really is the best policy.
If you find yourself falling for this partner, change your routine but only if you want to. But before you do, taste other dosas, rava, paneer, and paper roast; there are many different flavours on offer. Delhi has some fine young people who, I am sure, would be more than happy to go to Saravana Bhavan with you.
Also my coconut, remember that your beauty lies in the folds of your smile, grace of your nature, and elegance of your maturity. So don’t let some boring, old idli tell you otherwise. Learn to let go of your self-depreciating thoughts. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. For instance, just because Amma is curvy and loves food, will you call her obese?
So don’t be scared to go out and meet new people. Gulp down your moru, straighten your back and jump headfirst into new horizons. But make sure that you are protected and that you unmistakably tell your partner that all you want is that sweet release.
Be happy, my idli, and enjoy your new experience to the fullest. Amma sure did.