The festive is upon us and heres a look at what each one of us can do to celebrate, according to the four Hogwarts houses.

 GRYFFINDOR – their daring, nerve, and chivalry set them apart

Gryffindor aesthetic
Lovers of the limelight, they would cosy up inside with braggadocious tales to tame their egos

Gryffindors are bold, fearless, and enjoy being in the spotlight. An ideal day for them would include waking up past noon and

spending the day in their pyjamas beside a crackling fire in a cosy setting, much like the Gryffindor common room. They would

indulge in junk food and mildly alcoholic drinks, not bothered about being called lazy. Creating a ruckus well into the night,

they’d share tales of their achievements and adventures, and come up with all sorts of challenges – just so they could earn

bragging rights.


HUFFLEPUFF – where they are just and loyal

Cheerful and outdorsy, they would bask in the embrace of nature


Nothing speaks Hufflepuff like warmth and quiet. They’d spend the autumnal season enjoying the outdoors, appreciating the

changing colour of the leaves. They’d go nowhere without some snacks and peppy pop music on their playlist. Embracing all

sorts of cliches, they would step on crunchy leaves, and buy pumpkin spice lattes to fuel their good mood. A joy to be around

this time of year, Hufflepuffs imbibe the perfect combination of comfort and a sense of wonder for nature.


RAVENCLAW – where wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure

A book and a warm cup is all the festivity they need!










Ravenclaws are extraordinarily smart and proud to show it. A pile of books is a common accessory, one without which any

Ravenclaw would be ashamed to be spotted. They prefer the familiar indoors, but are not opposed to the mysterious

wilderness of the outdoors. With a perfect view of fall just outside their window, they’d cuddle up with a cup of hot strong

coffee, a new paperback, and an occasional Netflix documentary to get their brain cells working. Always keen to learn,

Ravenclaws would seize any opportunity through the festive holidays to brush up on their knowledge whether it’s for class or,

more probably, for the mere sake of learning.


SLYTHERIN – they use any means to achieve their ends

Sytherins would not miss a chance to spend lazy hours indoors, perfectly in step with their label of being sinister.










Unfairly labelled as brooding and sinister, but too proud to admit it, Slytherins like to spend their time lazily in their rooms,

catching a break from their often-hectic routines. This does not mean they don’t complete their tasks or duties; in fact,

Slytherins would never give anyone a chance to chide them for their work ethic. Possessing a dark sense of humour, Slytherins

take on the world with an independence and fierceness that is unmatched – with a fall drinking list leaning more towards

firewhiskey than butterbeer.


Take inspiration from your favourite Hogwarts house and indulge in these habits for a lovely fall! It’s the least we can do for

those of you still waiting for your Hogwarts letter.


Image Credits: Arushi Bhaskar of Miranda House

Vineeta Rana

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