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The Hindu Studies Centre has been inaugurated at Delhi University with a ‘Havan-Yagya’. It has both major and minor options for students.

The Centre for Hindu Studies has been added as a recent addition to the University of Delhi. It comes with a flexible programme where students can select minors according to their own choice. If students wish to choose a minor along with their major Hindu Studies, they will be able to study subjects like Computer, Commerce and even Political Science. Among these subjects, subjects related to Gandhi, M N Rai, Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay, Kautilya, Manu Smriti will also be taught giving the students a holistic picture.

The Centre for Hindu Studies provides Master programmes with 60 seats on offer and nearly 500 students had applied for those limited seats. Students must have completed their Undergraduate Course to apply for admission in the Centre for Hindu Studies. Dr. Shriprakash Singh, Director of DU’s South Campus has confirmed that the programme also contains papers like Sanskrit, English and communication skills. He also confirms that the entire syllabus of UGC has been maintained only with certain additions. Dr. Prerna Malhotra, co-director for the Centre of Hindu Studies has confirmed that the admission process has officially ended. 

An orientation session will be conducted post which classes will be conducted a few days later. Dr. Shriprakash Singh also mentioned that the syllabus for Hindu Studies is quite vast in order to give students proper career opportunities. The syllabus of Hindu Studies is divided into Major papers and Minor papers. In the Minor syllabus, there is a paper on Ramayana, one on Mahabharata and one on Western Method. Compared to that, in Major, one paper is on Bhagwat Geeta and another is on Upanishad. The main focus is on the Major papers with Hindu texts with extensive lectures and detailed study material. Dr. Shriprakash Singh also added that Hindu religious texts are being taught in the major because that is the core of the study centre. University of Delhi has also released the academic calendar for the Centre and the wait is now only for the classes to start. 

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