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It’s been over a decade now and the vogue of ‘add-on’ certificate courses offered at Delhi University’s Colleges and Centres still dominates. The trend started with just couple of course at S.G.T.B. Khalsa College and Miranda House around 2006. Today, more than half-a-dozen of DU Colleges offers vocational and skill-based certificate courses that are open to all (with no concerns over class 12th marks).

With limited seats available in full-time regular courses, the students aspiring to study in DU can also consider to enroll in these pocket-friendly certificate courses which hold market value. The classes for such certificate courses are usually held after regular college hours making it convenient for a full-time student from DU or other universities to pursue the certificate courses simultaneously.

From becoming an actor, filmmaker, photographer to a digital marketing expert, DU has got it all. Popular courses to enroll are at Hansraj College that offers add-on courses in Acting, Filmmaking, Mass Communication, Advertising, Radio Jockeying, Anchoring & Television Journalism.

Next in the league are Jesus & Mary College (JMC), Bharati College & Kalindi College that offers courses in Media Studies, Advertising & Marketing, Photography, Films & TV Production, Direction and Photojournalism. Except at JMC, all other colleges programs are co-educational in natures.

Other skill based programs offered by Campus of Open Learning includes Digital & Social Media Marketing, Theatre Acting, Fine Arts, Interior Design, Graphic Design and Animation (2D & 3D).

The admissions for 2018 session are now open and direct (on first-come-first-served basis). Forms and details can be obtained by visiting the respective campus or from their official websites. Students may also contact or WhatsApp their queries at helpline number 09312237583.

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In a bid to demand transparency in the nominations of the electoral candidates, the students of Hans Raj College held a silent protest on Friday morning, September the 4th. The protest was held at the main gate of Hans Raj College from 8:00 PM to 10:30 PM.

The nomination of Parveen Gartaan for the post of president of Hans Raj College was reportedly cancelled after the silent protest by students. However, there has been no official notification regarding the cancellation. The college administration conducted a meeting with Dr. Rama, the newly appointed Principal regarding the same and Dr. Rama was unavailable for comments. 

The opposing panel accused Parveen Gartaan for violating the norms set by the University for contesting in the elections and also claimed that he was suspended before in an alleged case of threatening and abusing other students. Terming the matter to be rubbish Change Panel has promised to clear the matters of withdrawn nomination on Monday. However, it has introduced their new presidential candidate for the elections.

Dear Hansarians,Leaders Change but Team remains the Same!!We present to you our Presidential candidate – ISHVENDER…

Posted by Change Panel, Hans Raj College on Friday, September 4, 2015

A similar protest was staged at Hindu College on the 2nd and 3rd of September after the list of candidates for the student union was released. The incumbent party’s PM candidate, Raman Singh was not included in this list because of which nearly a hundred students assembled in the foyer outside the principal’s office in a peaceful manner, demanding answers. Having found her answers unsatisfactory, students continued to protest until the administration set up a special committee to review the case.

On the 28th of August a group of students were found in PM Candidate Raman Singh’s hostel room having a party, by the Principal who entered the premises late at night after being tipped off about the same. Although Raman was not in his room at the time, the authorities found alcohol causing them to immediately sentence him to community service and terminate his candidacy. After two days of protesting students were disappointed when the review committee decided not to overturn the Principal’s decision causing the party to put up a new candidate Ashish Holaria one week prior to elections.

 Nidhi Panchal and Shraman Ghosh

Over the years, Delhi University hasn’t exactly won accolades when it comes to infrastructure in the colleges. Freshers don’t expect much, and soon, like the old students, acclimatize to the infrastructure, or the lack of it. However, it seems that all this is going to change. Various colleges have begun to plan and implement various new projects to give a boost to the infrastructure in the academic session. From Wi-fi enabled campuses to snazzier sports facilities, improved hygiene conditions to better security around campus, Delhi University certainly seems to be on a revamp drive. While the over all atmosphere in the university is one of satisfaction, the occasional murmur of complaint cannot be ignored. DU Beat did a survey on the emerging face of DU.

The Sri Ram College of Commerce seems to be leading this change as it is the first college in DU to have started computer based learning in the classroom with the teachers using laptops and projectors to conduct classes. Says, Professor S. K. Aggarwal, “This new way of teaching is extremely convenient. It is easier to explain and easier for the students to understand as visual aids leave an impact.” The college has provided the laptops to the teachers at a subsidized rate. They are currently trying to tie up with companies like Dell and HP to extend this facility to the students. The students are very happy and welcome the change. Says Priyanka Bagai, a first year student pursuing Bcom honors in the college, “It’s a nice change and it saves a lot of time because now teachers don’t have to write on the black boards. Moreover, everything is there on the screen in the form of bullet points which makes it easier to understand.” The SRCC campus is also Wi-fi enabled and the classrooms are centrally air-conditioned, providing a comfortable classroom environment. Sri Venkateswara College is also making its Science block air-conditioned which they plan to extend to the Arts Block by next year.

The revamp drive is not just restricted to the classrooms. Some colleges have also renovated facilities like auditoriums and canteens that gives a facelift to the image of the college. The Hans Raj College Auditorium has been transformed from a decrepit building to a beautiful hall, which is fully air-conditioned. The auditorium, which wasn’t much to write home about, is now a source of pride for the students.

Hans Raj College, reputed for its brilliant sports infrastructure can boast of having the only electronic shooting range in DU to help hone the sport that has fetched India medals in the Olympics. Another boost to the sports infrastructure will be given by the construction going on for the commonwealth games. SRCC, along with other colleges like Hindu College and St. Stephen’s college in North Campus, has been the center for construction for the Commonwealth Games projects. Various sites have been dug up in north campus, which are to be the sites for the Aquatics Complex and for Rugby events. The University will be allowed to use the facilities after the Games. This will provide world-class facilities for the budding sportspersons in DU.

With sports facilities being adequately taken care of, the question on many students’ minds is that will basic facilities like toilets be given similar treatment. Now some colleges are beginning to look into this matter. The washrooms have been renovated in Miranda House and Hans Raj, much to the relief of the students there. Says a student of Hans Raj College, “The toilets were in a pathetic state and were generally frequented by the dogs in the college more than us. The stench used to be unbearable and they were used as a last resort. Renovation was long overdue.” Not only have they been made clean and hygienic, they have been given a swanky new look, which the students find very appealing. However, students from Sri Venkateswara College, Hindu College, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College have expressed their displeasure with regard to basic hygiene conditions in their college. On conditions of anonymity, they have that the problem with toilets is particularly bad as they are filthy and stink. Moreover, it is reported that there is a problem with the water taps as well, as some of them are dry, while some do not turn off and thus inundate the surrounding area with water

The death of a class twelfth student in a posh south Delhi school due to the alleged lack of medical facilities should draw attention to the fact that many colleges on campus face a similar problem. Many colleges on campus don’t have any sort of infirmary or a medical room. The few that do don’t have a trained doctor manning it. Take Jesus and Mary College for example, where the nurse nurse also doubles as a storekeeper. Lady Shri ram College is one of the few colleges where there is a medical room with a trained nurse in attendance. Reputed colleges all over the University do not have such facilities. If they do, none of the students are aware of it, which defeats the whole purpose of the room. Students from St. Stephen’s College, Hindu College, Miranda House, Hans Raj College, Sri Venkateswara College and many others were unable to confirm whether their college had such a facility, let alone provide details. Many a time, students requiring medication for some minor ailment have been unable to find it within their colleges

On the whole, the infrastructure situation in the University has ameliorated, drastically. Even as these measures are being perceived as a definite step in the right direction, but some students feel DU still has a long way to go.

St. Stephens College

Faculty: Of all the departments at St Stephens College, Philosophy, Economics, and Physics have the best faculty. Because of an on-going court case, the college cannot appoint permanent teachers.

Atmosphere: Stephens is often thought of as an elite college, but the crowd here is almost exactly like any other college.

ECA and Sports: The College has a large number of societies, many of which, like the Informal Discussions Group, the Social Service League, the Campus Placement Cell, etc are very active. The Shakespeare society is still alive and reasonably well known. It has one of the best football and basketball teams in the university

Café: The Stephens’ cafe had been stagnating over the years, and is nowhere near its counterparts in many other colleges. The mince and the nimbu paani are popular, but that’s been the case for the last four decades or so.

Mehak Agarwal, St. Stephens College

Shri Ram College of Commerce

Faculty: The College prides itself in having an extremely illustrious faculty. Authors like Dr. P.C. Jain, Dr. C.B. Gupta, and others-whose books you revered in school as holy inseparables- will tutor you at SRCC.

Atmosphere: When some of the sharpest minds of the country congregate at SRCC to further their career interests, the atmosphere is bound to get competitive-yes, sometimes immensely cut throat at that. But in the due course of time, one realizes that the most distinct quality of College is that it never let you feel you’ve achieved enough.

Extra-Curricular Activities and Sports: The College encourages co- curricular activities through its various societies and clubs, of which only a few are active through the year while others pop-up during the winter fest and disappear with its closing ceremony. SRCC is also proud of its Placement Cell which acts as an ideal link between the academia and industry. The college fest ‘Crossroads’ is by far ‘the’ most important date in the college calendar, perhaps a notch more important for an SRCC student than the university examinations too.

Canteen: There are no two opinions about the fact that the canteen needs massive improvements, in terms of variety and quality of food, and ambience too; however that never deters an SRite from spending hours at the canteen in blissful vela.

Sourovi De, Economics

Hans Raj College

Faculty: Although the media seems to celebrate only some of the departments here, truth is that most members of faculty across departments are more worried about academia than their students!

Atmosphere: With new faces each year, new trends keep developing. But generally speaking, the atmosphere at Hans Raj is chilled-out and very friendly.

Extra Curricular Activities and Sports: ECA and sports add color, but don’t yet occupy centre-stage. Dramatics, debating and dance are amongst the most popular activities. Besides these, each department has its own society. In sports, Hans Raj is best known for its basket ball team.

Canteen: The canteen is not much to talk about, although the spring rolls, fried rice and the chole-bhature are worth a try. Its prime location right across the LP makes it the most crowded and colorful places on the college campus. There is also a Nescafe counter in college.

Vasundhara Sharma, Economics
Anchit Jain, B. Com (Hons)

Hindu College

Faculty: The Maths, Economics and the English Faculty of the college are simply excellent. The commerce faculty of Hindu is also worth mentioning.

Atmosphere: The atmosphere in Hindu is pretty chilled out. Most of the students are seen hanging around in the lush green lawns of the college armed with their guitars and endless conversation.

ECA and Sports: The Sports of Hindu has deteriorated in the past few years. However this is not the same in ECA. The Music, Theatre and Debating Societies of the college are brilliant.

Canteen: It’s quite famous for it’s seekh kebab rolls. The new additions of naan with shahi panner and momos have been a spectacular hit.

Oindrilla Dutta, Hindu College

Kirori Mal College

Faculty: The English and Economics faculties in KMC are absolutely outstanding. Being a student from English, I have had the privilege of interacting with faculty members that are extremely helpful and take a personal interest in one’s progress as a student. Also, an inconspicuous Urdu department is one that cannot be ignored.

Atmosphere: Rubbing shoulders with other North Campus colleges, KMC has its own blend of the intellectuals and the non-conformists. It certainly doesn’t compel you to make academics your only priority, perhaps allowing you to explore other aspects of your personality.

Extra Curricular Activities and Sports: KMC is most known for its widespread interest in extra-curricular activities and performing arts like Theatre and Music have long since been DU favorites. Home to excellent soccer and basketball teams, KMC has made its presence felt in Inter-College sporting competitions as well.

Canteen: The KM Canteen doesn’t seem to give its students any respite. The food remains inedible with what one can only call an almost sadistic consistency.

Adhir, Kirorimal College

Indraprastha College for Women

Faculty: It boasts of one of the best faculty in Delhi University. The Department of Mass Media and Mass Communication also has guest faculty that consists of professionals from renowned media houses of the country.

Atmosphere: Being a girl’s college, IP ensures such an atmosphere that ensures that you can walk around the campus comfortably in a skirt, a pair of shorts or even pyjamas! Also, the student-teacher relationships are frank enough for the girls to discuss their love lives with the teachers.

ECA and Sports: The endless facilities provided by the college urges the students to improve their sporting talents and physical fitness. In fact, it is the only women’s college with a swimming pool, a gymnasium, a well-equipped health club, a shooting range and an extensive play-field.

Canteen: Just outside the college gate, sits a bhelpuri-wala who serves a wide variety of mouth-watering items. From fresh fruit juice to burgers and aloo-chaat; he makes plenty of quick-meals for the laborious girls of IP college.