You’re on a tight budget. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying life, should it? So, we here, have got your back. No, we don’t loan money, but yes, we can get you a list of places to visit when running on a tight budget.


Connaught Place, New Delhi

Want to get a glimpse of the cosmopolitan culture that the Capital has to offer? Then this should be a definite item on your bucket list. It offers everything, from shops with loaded showcases to sunglasses that cost less than a dollar. An added attraction is ‘Gupta Ji ka Fire Pan’ if you want to experience fire burning in your mouth. Lying in the center of the city, this place is easily accessible and is generally crowded.

Image Credits: NDTV
Image Credits: NDTV

National Zoological Park

Planning a day-long outing with your gang of friends? Then this probably is the most interesting place you can visit. Placed at a pebble’s throw from the Purana Quila, this place offers you prepossessing sights at very nominal rates.

Image Credits: Delhipedia
Image Credits: Delhipedia

Majnu ka Tila

If all that you need is a nice café, a glimpse of the Capital’s night life, some excellent momos and an insight into a Tibetan Settlement, this is exactly the place you need to visit.

Image Credits: D for Delhi
Image Credits: D for Delhi

Chandni Chowk

An Epicure? Wanting to satiate your lust for food with some authentic cuisines of Delhi?  Then put a tick against Chandni Chowk. Here, not only do you get a glimpse of what Delhi is like in reality, but also, you can rapture your senses with the delectable cuisine the place has to offer. An added advantage is the fact that you can always pay a visit to the iconic Red Fort. However, you must brace yourself for the crowd you are going to find, irrespective of the time or day in which you’re visiting.

Image Credits: Time
Image Credits: Time

Qutb Minar

Just in case you’ve fallen short of photos to upload on your social media handles, pay a visit to this place. A ‘selfie’ next to the iconic minaret will get you a hundred likes in a jiffy. More importantly, you’d be able to strike off a huge item from your ‘Things to do in Delhi’ list.

Image Credits: NDTV
Image Credits: NDTV

Nizamuddin Dargah

If Qawwali is your jam, you might want to pay a visit to this place. The enclosure that gave birth to some exemplary Qawwalis like Kun Faya Kun and is home to the ‘Nizami Brothers’, this place has everything you need if serenity and sanctity is what you’re looking for.

Image Credits: DU Beat
Image Credits: DU Beat

India Gate

If all you have is a metro smart card and a hundred rupees in cash in total, this is the place you should choose to visit without a doubt. Located at a stroll’s distance from the Central Secretariat Metro Station, this place is of ‘monumental’ significance. An ice-cream bar at this place is among the few ‘cheap thrills’ you would want to indulge in.

Image Credits: Cultural India
Image Credits: Cultural India

Agrasen ki Baoli

Remember the last scene from the fame-fetching Bollywood movie ‘Padmavat’? Care to visit a similar, but a non-identical place? Agrasen ki Baoli is one place which is bound to encapsulate you in a silent stupor when you witness its magnificence.

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 Image credits: LBB

Feature Image Credits: D for Delhi

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Fed up of party plans every weekend? Want to do something different without leaving the city? Then you’ve come to the right place. Head to these 5 cafes in Delhi NCR and enjoy the games and food they have to offer.



Be sure to come to this place if you’re ever in the area because Tpot Café has some great BOGO deals running – which, combined with their delicious Lebanese Chicken Wraps and Pastas – is truly a great way to spend your afternoon. Be sure to come here with friends and family, and play anything from Jenga to Monopoly to while away your time.

Cost For Two: Rs. 400
Cuisine: Café
Address: Malviya Nagar, New Delhi


The Colony Bistro


Come here if you’ve got a hankering for strong flavors and huge portions of food. They have rows of cupboards filled with board games and books to read, so you’ll probably end up having a great time, with or without friends. Their Chili Chicken Pizza and Strawberry Diaq will surely give you a foodgasm. End your meal with their Chocolate Truffle Jar.

Cost For Two: Rs 1000
Cuisine: Café, Chinese, Italian, American, North India
Address: Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi


Young Wild Free Café


A hit with the youngsters of Delhi – Young Wild Free is known for its reasonable prices, great books and fun games. The zesty food flavours can warm the hearts of even the fussiest of eaters. The thick shakes are a must try if you’re ever in the area, and a true Delhiite would sue you if you haven’t tried their Butter Chicken Pizza yet.

Cost For Two: Rs. 500
Cuisine: Café, Continental, Chinese, Italian
Address: Satyaniketan, New Delhi


Another Fine Day



As soon as you enter this café, you get a warm, cosy feeling thanks to the cushy chairs, white brick walls, and the humongous collection of books and board games. This place is perfect for chilling out with your buddies while enjoying delicious grub and drinks. Besides being super affordable, their ‘Pancake Steak’ plays a huge role in enticing people to visit this café more than once.

Cost For Two: Rs. 800
Cuisine: Café, Mediterranean, Continental
Address: DLF Golf Course Road, Gurgaon


Café Wanderlust


As the name suggests, this café woos the traveller in you with its quirky interiors and laid back atmosphere.  The setting is such that you will probably end up spending hours playing classic board games while gulping down their specialty shakes and coffees. A special mention to their red velvet cake. It’s just out of this world!

Cost For Two: Rs 850
Cuisine: Café, Street Food, Continental
Address: DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon



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So you have made it to one of the colleges in North Campus and now you’re wondering what is beyond the big names and the college crowds in the place. You, dear fresher, don’t really have to worry about it at all. As awesome the crowds and colleges would be, you’ll just fall in love with North Campus and its little places. Here are some of the places you just *have* to check out this semester Kamla Nagar: Kamla Nagar is almost synonymous with the student crowds that throng it regardless they attend college or not. From McDonald’s to KFC’s to CCD’s to momo shops…you find it all! (Not a Pizza Hut though, unfortunately) Check out the latest trends in the Levi’s to Tommy Hilfiger’s in Kamla Nagar or just the cool street-side shopping experience. If you are a bookworm, you can easily sneak in an hour or two in the bookshops which have some good literary titles. If you are a party animal, check out ‘Wildfire’. Or maybe you are someone who loves to enjoy solitude. Well, then you can always sit in the chairs they put up near Barista Lavazza while the noise makers go to Malkaganj. ‘The Ridge’: Now if you don’t know what ‘The Ridge’ is, you will know soon enough. It is quiet, very green and clean too. Far from the crowds, here you can watch some playful monkeys, and cool off after the classes are over. Chances are you will end up watching animals while you jog! Arts Fac: Though it is generally a place where people go for their official work plus postgrad classes, the Arts Faculty, or popularly Arts Fac, is one of the most under-rated spots to hang out in the North Campus. Sit in the lawns, read, eat, watch people argue and then you can always take a walk around the campus that just inspires a calming effect on you. Also, you can have some Mishti Doi from the Mother Dairy stall just outside. D-School: Delhi School of Economics, fondly known as D-School is one of the best places to read, have cheap good food and listen to some old pensioners discuss the political affairs of the nation (loudly) in the evening. The J.P. Tea Stall is another feature in the D-School campus where most people can be found when they have nowhere to go. The Metro Station: Let’s face it north campus is cool because it has its own metro station. That, again, is nothing less than a hangout spot for students. You can find food, crowd, trees and a place to sit and talk with friends. Apart from these places, notable omissions from this list are Uncle Tom’s Maggie and the different college canteens because you will find Maggie everywhere in the campus. With this list of hangout places, this semester will certainly be a breeze for you; they just get cooler with time!   Priyam Goswami [email protected]]]>


New to DU? Unsure of whether to believe the glossy prospectus which makes your campus out to be some mini-heaven, or your grumpy seniors who see it as hell on Earth? Let us guide you with our very own DU Report Card!

A lot of colleges in DU could serve as the next location for some RGV horror flick with their crumbling walls and desolate air. Smells ranging from those of unwashed socks and hospital wards may be waiting to invade your noses as you step through most college gates. However, there are still a few institutions where you can pee without having to hold your breath and not have to screw your eyes shut to block unmentionable horrors. Some even have furniture which go beyond mere bits of wood held together by rusty nails. Overall, though, the state of DU infrastructure is pretty bad.
Rating:  2.5/5

Hang out zones
Now this is something we can totally brag about. Whether it’s shopping or hunger pangs or coochie-cooing or just plain time-pass, DU has a place for everything! Kamla Nagar offers options galore for shopaholics and foodies alike. From bhelpuri to chuski and Puma to Fabindia, you get all of it right here. Head to Sarojini if your wallet’s on the thinner side and skip over to paranthe vali gali if you’ve got food on your mind. Sadly though, movie-lovers are left with little choice with most of the cheap theatres like Chanakya closing shop and the ones still functioning charging rates so exorbitant, you’ll have to go hungry for a month to pay for the tickets.
Rating: 4.5/5

When it comes to fashion, there are no rules in DU. You can wear anything you want and get away with it. From carefully made up Barbie dolls in their stilettos and tight clothes to the tousle-haired PG kids in their pajamas, walking straight from the bed to the classroom, DU gates are open to one and all. With so much variety and colour, our creativity can put any designer to shame! However as always, once in a while you are bound to come across a walking, talking fashion disaster who’ll make you want to cringe or wish you had little marbles instead of eyes so you’d be spared the torture.
Rating: 4/5

“Chilled out” describes the DU atmosphere best. Yes, we know how clichéd the term is and it is exactly what reporters and journalists have been harping on since forever, but for once they seemed to have hit the nail on its head. DU is where pretensions vanish, where you are just you and no one else. Unlike school, where you had teachers and parents pushing you around and directing your every little step, you’re truly set free in DU.
Rating: 5/5