A ‘glitch’ on the Samarth portal caused chaos as 300 students faced hindrance when it came to submitting forms, leading to frustration among the student body which has often faced issues in accessing DU’s online portals with ease. 

Around 300 University students complained about a ‘glitch’ while navigating the Samarth portal, about the subject/course mapping feature, which acted as a disruption while filling out examination forms

Addressing the issue in a report by PTI, Ajay Arora, O.S.D. (Examination) stated that the issue was being faced due to the students incorrectly filling in the enrolment numbers. He further stated that the DUCC will look into the matter and would have to manually correct the enrolment number which might take a day or two to rectify, as the administration would have to cross-check the details of those students with their bank account details.

Students enrolled in postgraduate courses like M.A., M.Sc., and M.Com., including visually impaired students, encountered difficulties while selecting their courses or subjects on the portal.

The students continued to face such persistent obstacles despite a deadline for submission, previously set as 24 November by the Examination Branch.

India Today reported that Maya John, an assistant professor at Jesus Mary College, expressed deep concern over the difficulty faced by the students.

She brought attention to the fact that those students had been running from pillar to post since October, seeking the help of various offices in order to fill out their examination forms on the  portal. She also emphasised the lack of assistance and coordination among different department offices which caused distress among students.

Although the University has extended the examination form submission deadline to 5 December, John in her letter, emphasised the urgency to resolve the issue and urged Vice- Chancellor, Yogesh Singh to revise the deadline and address the lingering subject/course mapping issue on the portal. 

Expressing the need for immediate action, John stressed that the university ought to look into these complaints and the recurring issues with the Samarth portal, to ensure that students don’t face such problems in the future.

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