DU to add a compulsory formal Friday as a part of a new exercise to inculcate formal business ethics in students.

While your corporate buddies and workmates may breathe an air of relaxation in lieu of their casual Fridays, get ready to prep your wardrobe, as every Friday is an indicator of the Formal Fridays routine, which the University of Delhi is all set to introduce.

The key idea is to prepare the students and introduce them to a more formal and a more professional environment. It is not just restricted to students who wish to go ahead in the business or corporate field, but rather for everyone, with the aim of teaching the importance of the first impressions based on dress. While formal wear is a compulsory uniform or dressing conduct in a lot of business schools, the University’s decision to take this up will receive mixed reactions. While skill enhancement courses have been in the University syllabus for quite some time, these ‘personal grooming sessions’ are a must for the students.

“My internship experience in the working sector has revealed that a lot of people simply do not adhere to the strict dress codes. There is always a tie hanging loosely, or a shirt mildly wrinkled, there might even be times when I found employees wearing flip-flops to work! So I feel that for us Indians, there is a dilemma of what falls under formal dressing, as our dressing is indigenous as well as western, breeding in confusion in the minds of many”, comments Apeksha Jain, a second-year B.Com programme student in Shaheed Bhagat Singh College.

The idea will be put to work from next semester. It will include an eclectic mix of Indo-Western. The culture of India hasn’t been restricted to just one type of clothing rules. Its our multicultural population and a nation tied in the twenty-first-century global village, that clothing perceptions need to be made aware to the students. It will be strict corporate formals on the odd Fridays and smart casuals on the even Fridays.

Every college has been asked to set up an Apparel Committee, which has to ensure students are following the dress code. They will be in close touch with the Class Representatives to get a good briefing, and inspections will be carried out at the college gates to ensure uniformity. Colleges which have established fashion and commerce societies have been requested to give seminars on the same and upload them as webinars on respective college websites. The Delhi University website will have a separate portal made for the Formal Friday concept. University-based bloggers have also been contacted for uploading look-books on their social media handles for students to get an idea of what is to be expected out of them.

So, are you ready for witnessing this harbinger of ethical joy?


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Avnika Chhikara

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