Seems like DU isn’t just a favourite among the Indian youth alone, as the university has witnessed a startling rise in the number of foreign applications for Undergraduate Admissions this year!

Reportedly, more than 3000 students from 106 countries have applied to the varsity, which was recently ranked 6th in the country by the Union HRD  Ministry under the National Institute Ranking Framework.

Though a lot of hopeful foreign applicants apply to the university each year, this year has witnessed some interesting trends. Amongst the foreign applicants, two belong to the third gender while it is for the first time that applications from war-torn regions like Palestine have been received by the university.

As per official data, apart from volatile regions like Palestine and Yemen, a large number of applicants are from Tibet (around 750), followed by Nepal (around 600) and Afghanistan (around 550).

To a pleasant surprise, it has also come to light that about 20 students have applied for a certificate course in Hindi at the varsity.

While the 12th graders back home are anticipating the board results and waiting for DU applications to open, the admissions for foreign students have already closed.

DU has a five percent reservation for foreign students in each course in each college. The university officials are elated at the remarkable response. Is it a great opportunity for DU to create a niche for itself in the foreign education market slowly and steadily? You never know!

 With inputs from The Hindu 

Image credits: pilr.blogs.law.pace.edu

Riya Chhibber

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  2. The most worrying issue is the traffic jams and bottle necks. DUB comes up with a brilliant solution which is sure to be welcomed by all: Closing down all government offices, schools and colleges for the duration of the games to avoid dense traffic on the roads. Now wouldn’t THAT be in the best interest of everyone?
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