Picking the perfect footwear for the chilly season can be a hassle – especially when trying to keep both fashion and comfort in check. Read on to find some helpful knacks for choosing this important wardrobe essential.

The onset of a winter is almost flirtatious in its nature – it sets in with a little sway, wraps itself around your head, waltzes with the sky till has you completely in its hold: crisp, catchy, cold. And so is the season fashion, adorned in warm, cosy hues and the blessings of Mariah Carey.

Since the longest time, fashion for the feet has been getting all the gaze, and for good reason: it can ramp any outfit up to a better level. Winter footwear is significant in more ways than one, for its important that one keeps their feet snug and comfortable in the changing weather. Here are the must-have footwear fashion favourites for the cold:


We believe the universe solely created winter time so that everyone could flaunt this ultimate fashion essential. Boots come in all shapes and sizes, suited to one’s needs. They are a solid shield against the brittle weather, and also provide an ultra-chic look to any outfit that you’re wearing. You can opt for chunky ankle-length boots for a staple daily wear. If you want go down the glitterati road, knee-high boots are the power shoes that you need. Pair them with skirts, dresses, or jeans to turn on the glam.

Spotted: Hailey Bieber and Olivia Rodrigo championing boots in their own styles.

Olivia Rodrigo
Hailey Bieber

A good pair of sneakers can quickly become a heaven in disguise when searching for your daily footwear. They last the year round, and can be paired with almost all outfits. For winters, you can style them with cool, patterned socks, stockings and tights, or just by themselves. Remember to buy a size that fits you well, and a sole that doesn’t hurt with regular wear. For a more fashion-forward look, you could try buying a pair in colours that pop (or are conventionally summer!).

Spotted: Bella Hadid and Timothee Chalamet sporting sneakers – both casual and glam.

Bella Hadid
Timothee Chalamet

While there is a host of options to choose from when it comes to footwear that you wear outside, what are the choices when its cold at home and you want your toes to be just as snug and warm? The answer is fuzzy slippers. Supremely comfortable and hugging, they keep your feet warm even when it’s freezing outside. These come in the cutest of patterns, so you can choose one that suits your personality best. You can opt for open-toe or full cover options, according to preference.

Spotted: Fuzzy Slippers in various styles.

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The eyes can mislead, the smile can lie, but the shoes always tell the truth.

Shoes are an integral part of one’s attire. And thankfully, this city has places that cater to all sorts of budget and style. From Louboutins to local markets, there’s no dearth in the variety of shoes this city can offer. Here are some of the shops that offer you a variety of shoes at throwaway prices.

Majnu Ka Tila (MkT)
This place is a paradise on earth if you want to buy stylish yet affordable shoes that are trending in the international market. It is well known for its decent first copies of shoes from Adidas, Nike, and numerous other brands. The place has everything from no-nonsense solids and crazy prints to knee-high boots. Whether it’s causal loafers you are looking for or fancy high heels, MkT is the place for you. The nameless shop close to ‘Rigo’ Restaurant and the shop opposite to ‘Lobsang’ are must visit places if you and your friends have a shoe hoarding problem.

Kamla Nagar Market
Located near the Patel Chest Institute, this place is extremely accessible to the student community of North Campus The place has a huge variety of shoes but it’s a place to die for if you are looking for comfortable footwear. From loafers and flip-flops to slippers, the place has amazing footwear to go with a casual and comfortable college look. Footwear in all sizes, colours, and prints are available here at reasonable prices.

Meena Bazaar
Popularly known as Chor Bazaar, this market has brogues, Oxfords, leather boots, sandals and flip-flops available at throwaway prices. It is located between Darya Ganj and the Red Fort. Even if the price tag screams a hefty amount, one can always get major price cuts through a good bargain. The only issue with this place is that it requires a great deal of patience to sift through piles of shoes in order to find the right pair with the perfect fit.

Sadar Bazaar
Sadar Bazaar is primarily known for its wholesale markets. However, there are some retail outlets as well. It is one the biggest markets of Asia. The Chapal Wali Gali is a specialised market located in a dingy lane wherein you can find some really cheap flip-flops, shoes, and other leather footwear. It is one of the best and the cheapest when it comes to footwear.

Lajpat Nagar – Central Market

Lajpat Nagar is one of Delhi’s well-known shopping hubs. Situated near the Defence Colony area of Delhi, this marketplace provides an indigenous glimpse of Indian culture. For shoes in particular, there is a wide variety of shops where you can find formal shoes, kolhapuris in different colours, flip-flops, and heels. Packed with stalls and roadside shops, you are sure to find ethnic and contemporary footwear here. ‘Style Shoes’ and ‘Stilettos’ are some popular shops here.

Pallika Bazaar

Palika Bazar is another market located at the center of Connaught Place and is fully air-conditioned. A must visit place for those who wish to buy footwear, the market has reasonable footwear for those who know how to bargain.


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