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If you too are one of those people who are jaded by the idea of going to Hauz Khas or Connaught Place to dine at a luxurious lounge, then it’s time you looked at North Campus!

As much as students like going to eating joints in the Hudson lane, they still feel a dearth of proper lounges in the North Campus. As a result, they travel in metros covering long distances to reach CP or Hauz Khas where most of the lounges are situated. But, The Food and Booze Exchange, with its quirky name, has come to change all that. Situated in Roop Nagar, near North Campus, The Food and Booze exchange is one of the newly opened lounges near the North Campus where we got a chance to review some of their specialities recently! Snippets from our experience: 

The decor and more..

When you enter the place, the interiors and the decoration of the place are what you notice first which are completely in-sync with the ‘stock and investment’ motif present in their name. Ranging from vast graphics on the wall of investors making a bid to numerical silhouettes carved out, in place of windows, for the natural light to come in, all thoroughly amuse you.

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To quench your thirst..

After taking a look at an interesting line of mocktails and other beverages in their menu, we decided to order ‘Guava Exchange Punch’ which is gaining momentum with their new customers and ‘Kiwi Lemonade’. Both of the drinks were refreshing and perfect to beat the scorching summer heat. 

[caption id="attachment_42223" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Kiwi Lemonade Kiwi Lemonade[/caption]

Delectable delicacies.. 

Post the revitalising  beverages, we ordered the following food items to gorge on: For starters we chose to order a Kebab platter and Veg Platter. While the Kebab platter was full of non-veg delicacies like Chicken Tikka, Chicken Seekh Kebab, Murg Malai Tikka and more, the Veg platter on the other hand was replete with the customary Hariyali Kebab, Veg Seekh Kebab, Tandoori Soya Chap and more. The generous proportion and taste of the platters was worth a try and didn’t disappoint us at all. In the main course, our team ordered a Veg Lasagna and an Olive and Mushroom Pizza. While the freshly prepared Lasagna was a delight to our taste buds, the Olive and Mushroom Pizza was a light and crispy thin crust pizza with unique toppings, A+ for creativity! [gallery columns="4" ids="42232,42231,42229,42230"]

Cost and Benefit.. 

While the place does boast of a fancy interior and some mouth watering dishes, the place may not be a regular hangout joint, owing to its lounge setting, but it is definitely a cool after-party, farewell party and other occasions suitable place for college students! With a great and on time service, generously portioned dishes and uplifting beverages, the place is sure to light you up and we recommend you to try it.   Pictures by Alex Arthur for DU Beat Reviewed by: Shubham Aggarwal

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Ambience: The first thing that catches the eye is the poster that reads – ‘Speak with your hands, Listen with your eyes’. The brick-textured, colourful walls are decorated with alphabets and their representation in sign language. One side of the wall contains the image of the “Three monkeys”. The ceiling is adorned with balloons, ropes, glittering balls and creative lamps. Overall, the atmosphere is characterized by utter vibrancy. Food review 2  

Food and Menu:

The most interesting part about the menu is that it is accompanied by a note pad. All the dishes are allotted unique codes. The customers are required to fill in the dish code, quantity and customizations, if any. There are various flash cards used for facilitating communication with the waiters. They read – ‘Thank you’, ‘Bill Please’, ‘Call the manager’, to name a few. The food items in the menu consists of various variety in starters, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, pasta, wraps, hot dogs, Chinese, pizza cones, tacos, desserts and beverages. Each item comprises of a secret home-made ingredient. The first item we ordered was Sweet Chilli Fries. The dish had an impeccable sweet and spicy taste. ThFood review 3e outer layer was crisp and consistent which gave it an overwhelming flavor. The next item was the Barbeque Chicken Pizza Code. The chicken was decently cooked and the flavor was tangy and cheesy. Another impressive dish was the Double-Trouble Burger, which consisted of a fantastic combo of chicken and fried eggs. Talking about beverages, Strawberry lemonade was successful in giving a soothing, refreshing touch to the taste buds. Lastly, Waffle by the name of ‘Hello to the queen’ personally gave me the best dessert experience. It was topped with fresh fruits, whipped cream and honey, and the subtle, yet amazing flavor gave a wonderful end to our order.    

Final Verdict:

Due to a significant exemption from taxes, the budget falls to roughly rupees 450 for two people, including beverages. Overall, impressive flavours, coupled with such a motivating cause, makes this café one of my personal favorites. Credits: Lovleen Kaur Lovleen Kaur [email protected]]]>

Launched in November 2013, “Knight Bites” is a midnight delivery service that works in the wee hours of the night, providing food, beverages and other essential items (cigarettes, chocolates, condoms and so on).

Operating from 10 pm to 4 am, this delivery service boasts of an extensive coverage of Delhi gained within a short period, with its main dealings happening in North, West and South Delhi. They have two offices in Delhi, one in Janakpuri and the other in VasantKunj. Next on their radar is expanding further into the university area in North Campus, as most students on campus survive on “poorly cooked Maggie”and need more variety and nutrition in their meals, says Manvir Singh Anand, one of the Co-founders.

Manvir further tells us the reason behind starting Knight Bites. He recalls a personal experience when he and his friends were threatened by some guys in an inebriated condition who stopped them while driving back and intimidated them with weapons on an early morning visit to a popular twenty four seven operational retail store. It made him realise how unsafe Delhi could be at odd hours of the day. Not just for young girls and women, but also for the society at large. Today, a large chunk of his orders are from working women and college girls, many of whom thank the company for starting something like this, so that now they don’t have to venture out alone at night, in search of food or medicines.

AyushNarang, Abhishek Bharara nd Manvir Singh Anand, the three Co-founders of Knight Bites, all three were working professionals from diverse backgrounds such as Risk Management Consulting, Business Development and Brand Management with a combined work experience of 14 years before this venture.

The best selling food items on their menu are Butter Chicken, Chicken Salami, Chicken Tikka sandwiches, Oreo and Kit Kat shakes and the Indian main course. Apart from these, they serve varieties of pastas, rolls and burgers too.


Website- www.knightbites.in

Contact No- +91-8750495049

Meal for two- INR 400

Working hours- 10 pm to 4 am