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Knight Bites: Midnight delivery service in Delhi

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Launched in November 2013, “Knight Bites” is a midnight delivery service that works in the wee hours of the night, providing food, beverages and other essential items (cigarettes, chocolates, condoms and so on).

Operating from 10 pm to 4 am, this delivery service boasts of an extensive coverage of Delhi gained within a short period, with its main dealings happening in North, West and South Delhi. They have two offices in Delhi, one in Janakpuri and the other in VasantKunj. Next on their radar is expanding further into the university area in North Campus, as most students on campus survive on “poorly cooked Maggie”and need more variety and nutrition in their meals, says Manvir Singh Anand, one of the Co-founders.

Manvir further tells us the reason behind starting Knight Bites. He recalls a personal experience when he and his friends were threatened by some guys in an inebriated condition who stopped them while driving back and intimidated them with weapons on an early morning visit to a popular twenty four seven operational retail store. It made him realise how unsafe Delhi could be at odd hours of the day. Not just for young girls and women, but also for the society at large. Today, a large chunk of his orders are from working women and college girls, many of whom thank the company for starting something like this, so that now they don’t have to venture out alone at night, in search of food or medicines.

AyushNarang, Abhishek Bharara nd Manvir Singh Anand, the three Co-founders of Knight Bites, all three were working professionals from diverse backgrounds such as Risk Management Consulting, Business Development and Brand Management with a combined work experience of 14 years before this venture.

The best selling food items on their menu are Butter Chicken, Chicken Salami, Chicken Tikka sandwiches, Oreo and Kit Kat shakes and the Indian main course. Apart from these, they serve varieties of pastas, rolls and burgers too.


Website- www.knightbites.in

Contact No- +91-8750495049

Meal for two- INR 400

Working hours- 10 pm to 4 am


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