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Your first year of college becomes the building block to the next two years and your career too. It becomes all the more for you to make the most out of it. DU Beat brings to you a list of 5 things that you should consider while planning it out.

The first month of college is always full of excitement and apprehension, nervous energy and giggles, hopeful faces and fresh starts. It revolves around getting used to the new environment, getting to know your new friends, travelling around, trying out for societies, and making a place for yourself.

The first year eventually becomes the foundation for the next two. It helps you understand parts of yourself that you didn’t know you could be. It makes you be more confident in your identity and a lot more of you.

It also becomes the building block for your career. The societies you become a part of, the events you organise, and the internships you do help build your career path.

Thus, planning out your first year becomes important, and this planning isn’t as much sitting down with sheets and pens, as it is about questioning yourself and what you want out of this year.

Everyone enters college with different goals, dreams, and aspirations. To begin with, you have to question yourself, “What is my passion?” Is it playing basketball at the national level or landing a job at a big MNC? Is it trying out new things and experimenting or working on your personality?

Once you have set your goal, your journey becomes a lot more visible. Here are four things worth considering.

1. Create a Schedule

It’s important for you to make time for things that are really important to you, be it your old friends or preparation for a certain professional examination. Create a schedule so that you have enough time on your hands to cater to all that you want to do.

2. Only take up things that you can handle

During your first year, it’s natural for you to want to do everything, but it’s definitely not advisable. Do not take things on your plate that you cannot handle. Only join societies and do internships that you can cope up with and give your best to

3. Build your personality, not your CV

In college, your CV does become an important factor to do/not do something. But your CV isn’t everything and it’s important for you to understand the difference between building your personality and building your CV. College offers a lot of opportunities. Make the most of them and make sure that a grown, more independent, and skilful version of you reaches second year.

4. Remember to make the most of it!

Your first year of college is indeed one of the most beautiful years of your life. It has so much to offer to you. Do not let anyone/ anything intimidate you, and believe that you can get anything that you set your heart out to! Cheers and Good luck!


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The Election Commission of India (ECI) has decided to bring the process of ‘becoming a voter’ to DU students. In the initial phase, nine DU colleges in the North Campus have been rostered where registration booths will be set to facilitate the process. This drive will continue from 27th July to 28th July.According to a survey conducted by ECI, out of total 6,34,54 Delhi youth falling in the age group 18-19, only 1,80,936 are enrolled as eligible voters. This leaves almost one-third of the potential voices silent. To bridge this gap ECI is running a drive in DU colleges to allow students without voter ID cards to apply.


The exercise which is expected to attract first-year students will start in the following colleges: Shri Ram College of Commerce, St. Stephen’s College, Miranda House, Hindu College, Ramjas College, SGTB Khalsa College, Hansraj College, Daulat Ram College and Kirori Mal College, and the whole process will be facilitated by NSS teams of respective colleges. Students are required to have certain pre-requisite documents like  10th board certificate, colour passport size photo, Electricity Bill or Rent agreement, Aadhar Card and college identity card. Furthermore, they would be required to fill up ‘Form-6’ at the booths.

Speaking to DU Beat, the officiating Principal of Hansraj College Dr.Rama welcomed the moved by ECI and said, “ It will create a sense of awareness among the students and strengthen the roots of democracy and electoral politics in the country.”

Meanwhile, election commission officials have assured that the delivery of the Election IDs would be completed within a month. Speaking to India Today Padam Singh, the district electoral officer said,“ We are conducting this to ensure students are not bereft of the opportunity to vote in the upcoming elections. This is an interesting pool of students aged between 18 and 21.” The registration process is open for anyone above 18 years of age.


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As I slogged my way through the tedium of class XI and XII, my ambition to study in one of Delhi University’s prestigious colleges was a constant source of motivation. All I wished was to hop right out of school and into college. College, to me, symbolised liberation. The burning desire and hope for brighter prospects helped me tide by many difficult moments of low self-esteem, fatigue and pessimism.

It’s a simple concept, really.The idea of studying in college has been glamorised to an ad nauseum degree in our movies, songs and literature. Collegiate life has always been painted in rosy hues, making it look like all fun and play. So vehement has been such enforcement that even before one enters college, one forms multiple mental images about it. And more often than not, these images can be extremely deceptive, false and misleading.

So yes, I was a little disappointed when I walked into college on my first day and no one rolled out a red carpet in my welcome; or that the canteen was not full of good looking boys. The teachers weren’t cool and trendy (no Sushmita Sens in my college,unfortunately) and the girls weren’t dressed like they had walked out of a fashion magazine. In retrospect, I realised that college after all, is not the optimum amalgamation of Riverdale High (Archie’s Comics), St.Teresa’s (Student Of The Year) and East High (High School Musical). College is a pretty raw and serious deal.

One year in college and I have come to know college life for what it really is. Here are my musings:

1. When elders tell you to study in school so that you can enjoy college, they’re just baiting you. Maintaining good scores in college is important and that means you must maintain your academic rigour.
2. Professors aren’t necessarily cooler than teachers. Even though professors are more lax than teachers, some professors can be daunting and nagging, perpetually handing out assignments and tests.
3. Even though you don’t have to wear a uniform, you have to be quite mindful of what you wear and when you wear it. People like to judge.Never let yourself be voluntarily victimised.
4. Friends made in the first semester may not remain friends in the second semester. Group dynamics are subject to frequent changes. This happens because in the first semester, you’re too new to gauge people’s true personality.
5. The festival season is great, but not as sensational or stunning as you’d hoped.
6. No matter how many amazing eateries might be in around your college’s campus, sooner or later, you’re going to tire of all of them.
7. Once you’re in the University, your college name hardly matters. The importance of the name of your college is one of those things that outsiders make a big deal out of. But for a student or teacher in University, you’re just like any other university student.
8. College societies require time, commitment and dedication. And they’re important because they shape your college life. Thus, be heedful about the society you join.
9. College is not the destination; it’s a pit stop along the journey. Don’t let it be your end all. Keep improvising on yourself, use your experiences to develop your personality and don’t settle easily.
10. Don’t let college life strip you off your ideals. Be true to yourself and your values. These are the things that will set you apart from the rest of the world later on.

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