As a consequence of falling number of students attending lectures in the college, Dr. S. P. Aggarwal, the Principal of Ramanujan College (formerly known as Deshbandhu College), issued a notice on 31st January 2014 regarding this attendance issue. Due to the decline in attendance of students, specifically in Foundation Courses and Integrating Mind, Body and Heart (IMBH) courses as introduced in the Four Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP), the authorities decided to bring about some steps so as to intimidate students to attend classes. “This is a new experiment that the college is doing with the students. Personally I feel, attendance has never been a motivational factor for any student, they should be self-motivated to attend the lectures and this is how it works. But on the other side, some strictness and forcefulness are required for the students’ welfare. Also, if there are genuine reasons behind a student not attending the classes, then they will be taken into consideration. The exact results to this approach will be visible only at the end of this month, once the whole month’s attendance is out on the college website.” replied Mr. Nikhil Kumar Rajput, when asked for his views on this matter. Ramanujan   The notice issued by the Principal stated, “Any student found missing from the classes for more than 4 consecutive classes of particular subject in a month will be fined @ Rs. 500 each.” Teachers from the college are asked not to permit the students to sit in the class, without the college authority’s approval, if he/she misses more than 4 consecutive classes. “This rule is not fit for the FYUP students because they are not allotted marks on the basis of attendance like any other three year graduate programme students are provided. But the fact that the students have started taking these courses like IMBH and Foundation Courses, more seriously after the issue of this notice, as was expected by the college authorities, cannot be ignored”, said a first year FYUP student of Ramanujan College  ]]>