fests. fest season


So the much awaited season of college fests has finally come. Here’s a lowdown on how to be fully geared up for arguably the most active time of the year on campus:

1. Know the When’s and the Where’s

There are two ways to go about the fest season; either you chart out the exact fests you want to attend, or you go fest- hopping. Either way, being informed of the fest schedule will come in handy. Check out the calendar here.

Make sure you prioritize the must-attend fests like Crossroads [SRCC], Tempest [Miranda House], Mecca [Hindu College] and Nexus [Sri Venkateshwara College] and plan your expeditions accordingly, especially in the case of clashing dates. It is also that time of the year when you need to exploit all your contacts to the hilt to arrange for the passes.


2. Dress Right

After an entire year of waking up late for classes and making do with the first t-shirt that falls out of your closet, it’s the time to really put some thought into what you’ll wear. Even if you aren’t the type to bother about fashion, how bad could it really be to catch a few eyes? But dress as you may, the most important point to be made here is, dress comfortably, and I cannot emphasize this enough. Nothing spoils moods faster than twisted ankles on high heels and sagging jeans that don’t let you dance.

3. Make it a Memorable Experience

Dressing up and reaching the venue is just one part of fest fun. Make this season more happening by participating in the various events that every fest offers. From dance, to theatre, to creative writing, take your pick! Or you could even play the under- appreciated but fundamentally important role of a supportive audience. Whatever you do, make sure you take in every bit of excitement that the fest season has to offer. Try different food, and maybe hold a gol- gappa competition of your own. Meet new people and many old friends, cheer for the star attraction till your throat is sore, and most importantly, remember to have fun!

Illustration Credits: Mehr Gill for DU Beat