The skyrocketing cut-offs at the University of Delhi is something that the nation already knows about. It’s a very daunting task to get into the University of Delhi once the cut-offs are released. However, there is a very limited yet diverse quota for those students who excel in other Extracurricular Activities along with their academics, the Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) quota.

Pre Covid, the ECA selections included an auditioning process and then allotment of colleges to the aspirants, but since last year, the auditions were dropped (will the auditions be there this year or not will be notified soon). As the entire admissions process was online, the students were judged on the basics of the certificates they submitted. 

ECA is one of the biggest reasons why the crowd at the University of Delhi is such a diverse one. You get students scoring very high in academics and students who have made a mark in an extracurricular field all at one place. All the artists out there have a very fair yet scrutinized chance of getting into DU. As the percentage drop for ECA students is very high, the seats are very limited for them. The allotment of colleges is a centralized procedure, i.e after the entire process, the University itself allots colleges to the aspirants with respect to their positions in the merit list and in line with their preferences.

“According to me, the only thing to keep in mind if applying for DU through ECA admissions is by checking the notification board of the Delhi University official website on a daily basis. Don’t miss a day and keep looking for the new updates. Last year the ECA admissions were a bit different than the previous years but I could easily figure out the whole process only with the help of the information available on the University website as well as the college websites. Moreover, there are many official email IDs to which you can send your queries or concerns and believe me and don’t worry they reply. So if you ask me, I would suggest not to take stress and to be updated for new instructions from the notification board.”

Mahasweta Sarma, Political Science (Hons), Miranda House, Indian classical and light (vocals) category

A complete list of ECA quotas of admissions in years 2020-2021 is available on Delhi University’s official website, along with the names of colleges and the quotas that they reserve for each activity. The University will definitely upload a fresh list this year as well.

Categories under ECA

Various ECA categories under which the student can secure admission at the University of Delhi are:

  • Creative Writing (English and Hindi)
  • Debate (English and Hindi)
  • Digital Media (Photography, Animation and Film Making)
  • Divinity
  • Fine Arts
  • Music (Indian and Western: Vocal and Light)
  • Music (Instrument: Indian and Western)
  • Theatre
  • Quiz
  • National Service Scheme
  • National Cadet Corps
  • Dance (Indian Folk and Indian Classical)
  • Yoga

The procedure of Admissions in 2020-2021

Last year the ECA admissions were primarily ruled out as due to COVID-19 protocols physical auditions were not possible so the University cancelled the ECA admissions. But later the admissions process was restored without the auditions. The following steps were supposed to be taken by a student who wanted to get the admission via ECA category.

  1. Register as for the ECA category under the DU UG Admissions portal.
  2. Select the categories you want to apply for and upload the certificates relevant to that particular category. Duly check the dates along which the certificates will be accepted.
  3. maximum of 5 certificates was allowed to be uploaded last year under each ECA Category.
  4. After some time, the University releases a merit list with the descending order of marks that the student got against the certificates they uploaded.
  5. If there are any discrepancies with the allotment of marks, there is a window given to resolve that and then the University releases a fresh list. Kindly be very alert during this window period.
  6. Once the final merit list is out, students are given options to select their desired college, under their respective categories. A maximum of 10 colleges, in the order of preferences, were allowed last year.
  7. Then the University allots the colleges to the aspirants and then there is a window period given when the student needs to submit their fees and confirm their admission in the allotted college by the University.
  8. After that, the allotted college contacts the student to sign an undertaking, which complies the student to represent the college at various levels under the ECA category they have secured their admissions in.

Some points to keep in mind while applying under ECA by an ECA Student

  1. It is mandatory to first register and apply on the common UG Admissions portal at the University’s Website.
  2. If you want then apply under more than one ECA category, the seats for ECA students are very few, so give your best shot under maximum categories.
  3. Students usually do not fill in all of the 5 slots available for certificates. Especially, during these unprecedented circumstances, when the auditions are least likely to happen, your certificates will carry a lot of marks. Give priorities to International, National, State, District, and then School level competitions certificates.
  4. Thoroughly go through the notification that the University releases for the admissions for ECA students.
  5. The window period for rectifying your marks in the merit list is quite scrutinized, be very vigilant during that time.
  6. Select the colleges by your preferences and try filling up all the columns to be on the safer side.
  7. If auditions happen, then be well versed with the current affairs, especially for the students who want to apply under the Debate or Creative Writing Category.

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