Freshers are excited as well as nervous when they enter college, oblivious to some extent as to what to expect besides fun, freedom and studies. Entering one of the most prestigious universities in the country is one big milestone to be accomplished. For the first years, it is a journey of learning new things and unlearning the old. College life is different from the easy going life of the school, here are your seniors giving you precious advice on college life and how to spend these wonderful three years of your life.

Shireen Manocha, Miranda House

It’s going to be hard. You’re in a new place with new people and in a new environment. There’s so much to learn, so much to explore and it’s going to be hard. So, give time time. Let things settle on their own. Try to know your own self. Try to do things on your own and eventually everything will fall into place.

Asmita Pandey, Gargi College

Being a fresher, you must prioritize balancing your budget in order to avoid useless expenditure

Vineeta Rana, Daulat Ram College

Make a conscious effort of getting out of your comfort zone. Not just once but repeatedly. Audition for a bunch of societies, experiment with fashion, work at internships, also try different classes.

Lakshya Chawla, Sri Venkateshwara College

Join a society to hone your skills. Besides, one can’t make memories just by attending classes. Also, choosing the right company of friends is very important.

Srivedant Kar, Cluster Innovation Centre

Try to figure out what you want in future and take small steps to achieve them while enjoying college life. Climbing the ladder is important but it’s more important to climb the right stairs.

Mansi Chawla, Indraprastha College for Women

My advice to outstation students would be to give themselves some time because it isn’t easy surviving alone. Learn to share your feelings with friends and don’t bottle them up. Be open to communicate and connect.

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Prachi Mehra

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