The Finance and Investment Cell, Hindu College is conducting its inaugural fest, Enigma 2013. Combining elements from Economics, Finance, Politics, Psychology, Quizzing, Logic, Analysis and Social Science, the Fest presents to you a set of completely unique events that will take you on a roller coaster ride through a variety of challenging rounds that will test your ability to think, balance and act a wide range of options, each seeming tougher than the next! Enigma is slated to take place on 18th and 19th February, 2013, from 10 am to 2 pm (both days). Registrations for the same are both online and on-the-spot. Enigma 2013 boasts of cash prizes worth Rs 10,000 per event. Apart from that, the first 100 online registrants get an assured prize as well! Here are 4 headline events scheduled to take place during the Fest: Breaking the Bank: 18th February, 11 am (http://goo.gl/4KL90) A financial thriller with a psychological twist. Need we say more? The Great Indian Tamasha: 18th February, 10 am (http://goo.gl/yTn5y) Tests your ability form alliances, negotiate and defeat your political opponents through sheer boldness, analysis and a dash of cunning. Dungeons and Dragons: 19th February, 11 am (http://goo.gl/ao5E9) It takes the brave, bold fast thinkers to see the glory of the final round and the enticing prize at the very end. The Balancing Act: 18th February, 12 pm (http://goo.gl/emfE3) You step into the shoes of the Finance Minister and face the tough choices he faces. The balance between fiscal responsibility, growth, social welfare and political goodwill lead to a fast-paced game with ever changing variables. Visit their official website for any other details about the fest: http://fic-hindu.com/  ]]>