A movie screening is being hosted by The Department of Social Work, Delhi University on Saturday, the 20th of October, at 2 pm. The venue for the film screening is the Auditorium, Department of Social Work, Delhi University. A documentary called ‘Pink Ribbons Inc’ will be showcased. This movie emphasizes on the devastating reality of breast cancer which labeled by marketing experts as a ‘dream cause,’ has become obfuscated by a shiny, pink story of success. This movie is a 2011 National Film Board of Canada documentary, directed by Lea Pool. It seeks to highlight the reality that companies often use Breast Cancer as a means of increasing sales or improving their public image, even while producing and marketing carcinogenic products. The film argues that not enough money is being invested into cancer research and prevention. It features, amongst others, an interview of Charlotte Haley, who had started a peach-ribbon campaign more than 20 years ago, in order to fight for an increase in budget of Cancer research. She turned down an offer from cosmetics giant Estee Lauder, who wanted to use her ribbons in an awareness campaign, and so company decided to simply change the colour of the ribbons to pink and go through with the event anyway. Rathi R, General Secretary, Students’ Union Department of Social Work says, “As you know, October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month and seeing as this movie focuses on how capitalism has taken over a social cause like Breast Cancer awareness we thought it would be perfect for the event. Companies often claim that money raised will go towards conducting research and spreading awareness about Breast Cancer, but all the money doesn’t go towards the cause and ‘Pink Ribbons, Inc’ goes behind the scenes to show the reality. The purpose of screening this movie is that most people are not aware about the disease and the Pink Ribbon has now come to symbolize something beautiful and feminine. But it’s not beautiful and not feminine, there are a lot of problems that women go through and we wish to highlight the same.’ The movie is therefore a must watch, as it attempts to spread awareness and sensitize people about the problems associated with Breast Cancer. Such an enterprise by the Department of Social Work is lauded and appreciated.  ]]>