Dhuund the Fog


The University of Delhi (DU) has decided to cancel all the first period classes of the colleges under the University, due to heavy fog and biting cold in the Capital.

On 4th January 2020, DU released a notice, stating its temporary policy to cancel all morning classes till 15th January. DU has adopted this policy due to the heavy presence of fog in the capital.

The notice reads, “This is to inform all the students of the University of Delhi (DU) that all classes taking place in the first period according to college timetable are to be cancelled till the 15th of January due to the presence of heavy fog in the city. The classes will continue as intended from the second period onwards.”

For some colleges like Hindu College, the first period starts at 8:50 a.m, for some like Mata Sundri College, it is 9 a.m, while for some colleges like Miranda House, it is at 8:30 a.m.

Jogesh K Tyagi, Vice Chancellor, DU, added that the University administration has taken this decision as a step towards its new policy of being more student-friendly. They plan on carrying out more policies like this in the future.

Rajesh R. Verma, a Professor of Hindi, said, “The students in the morning are drowsy during the first period and the fog will only heighten this. Moreover, students a lot of times tend to skip the first classes due to the fog. This might lead to them missing out on their course material. I think this is a move taken in favour of the students and I appreciate it. I hope the students won’t miss the other classes now.”

Sakshi Sharma, a student of Hansraj College, said, “I welcome this change made by DU. It takes me about two hours to come to college from home. In the fog, it’s especially difficult to travel. It’ll be a great relief for both students and teachers.”

However, Saumya Rao, a third-year student, disagreed with the move, saying, “I don’t think there’s any point in cancelling the classes. Bad weather days may come and go, but I don’t think our routine life should change because of that. This will only lead to us missing out on our syllabus and then cramming during the end. I wish the University focused more on important things like infrastructure.”

While this is going to be implemented only till 15th January, worsening of weather conditions may lead to further changes and cancellation of classes.

Disclaimer: Bazinga is our weekly column of almost believable fake news. It is only to be appreciated and not accepted!

Feature Image Credits: DU Beat Archives

Satviki Sanjay

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With Raaz 3 now running in cinemas for some time, I thought long and hard as to why Bollywood failed so miserably at making good horror movies. I didn’t find a satisfactory answer and decided instead to look back upon the most horrific horror movies made in India:

5. Kaal: Soham Shah sat behind the camera for this disaster. Ajay Devgn, no that’s not a typo, seems to have tried out every possible genre. This, his first foray into horror movies was also his last. That guy sure has beans. Vivek Oberoi was the ghost in this one. One hopes he was as wise as Ajay and stopped doing movies altogether. Also it was widely believed that the best part of the movie was the Shah Rukh item song at the beginning. Go figure.


4. Hawa: If you ever happen to meet Tabu, kindly inquire of her the desperate nature of circumstances that compelled her into signing on for this absolute horror of a movie. Had the director kidnapped her mother? Did he have damning evidence against her? Did he threaten her to make her watch the movie once it was completed?

3. Dhuund the Fog: Yes, this is a movie. I checked and going by the reaction of the handful of people who saw this, it might well be the worst movie made by man, dogs or donkeys ever. The only reason why this is not higher up on this list is because it wasn’t advertised all that much and thus did not compel mankind to as much misery as the following movies did.


2. Agyaat: Ram Gopal Verma is quite an enigmatic filmmaker. He has obvious talent. Why he chooses to make movies such as this incomprehensible. We feel cheated. RGV is not supposed to be dominating lists such as this and yet he does. Not only has he headed the top two worst horror movies of all time but with Aag on his CV, he also has the worst movie ever to his name. Way to go, dumbass.


1. Phoonk 2: We all know the story with this one. RGV announced that whoever watched this movie alone in the theatre would get 5 Lakh rupees from him. Nice way to ensure audience, eh? Well someone did manage to watch it alone and RGV had to part with the said sum, bringing the total revenue from the project to a grand total of 5 rupees. At least someone gained from the investment.