Departmental Fest


Arthagya, The Economics Association of IP College celebrated Economics in a new light at its festival Arthullas 2016 on 3rd and 4th March. Day 1 began with a Panel Discussion on ‘Economics and Politics of Caste-based Discrimination’. Dr. Sujoy Chakravarty, from Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University was the chairperson for the event and the esteemed panel included Prof. Satish Deshpande, Department of Sociology, Prof. Ashwini Deshpande, Delhi School of Economics, and Dr. Nishant Chadha, Assistant Professor, Shiv Nadar University. While Prof. Satish Deshpande spoke on “What is the opposite of discrimination?”, Prof. Ashwini focused on “Myths and Realities of Affirmative Action”, and Dr. Nishant on “New ways of thinking: The Economics and Politics of Caste Networks”. When asked for a solution from the panelists, it was mentioned that as long as the problem exists, so do solutions, no matter how biased.

This was followed by InQUIZitive, an Economics, Business and Finance Quiz and The Triwizard Tournament, a Harry Potter-fused Economics event. While the quiz saw professional quizzers battle it out ferociously, the Potterheads played their best to win eternal glory at The Triwizard Tournament.

Day 2 began with three simultaneous events amidst the rainy weather. The All India Political Parties’ Meet discussed at length the issues of Farmer Suicides and implementation of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. Super Street, a superhero-themed Mock Stock, saw a lot of participation from both fans and Mock Stock enthusiasts. Clever Clogs, a Case Study event saw teams competing with each other through their justifications and furious interjections.

All in all, the decorations of the venue were bright and varied, analogous to the variety of events.


Ayesha Sareen

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