Denim finds its way practically into every wardrobe and is versatile enough to go with all kinds of clothes, prints and fabrics. Here’s how you can style four very basic denim pieces for the fests.


An oversized sweater paired up with a denim skirt, along with boots, is the go-to look for girls. A solid coloured top tucked in a denim skirt can be paired well, with junk jewelry or simple hoops. Janpath or Sarojini Nagar market, must have them for as low as Rs 200. Experiment with printed and knotted shirts. Wear sneakers and go all comfortable while dancing around in concerts.


Black jeans compliment any gradient of denim shirts. Tuck or no tuck, just add a belt and shoes. The shirt doesn’t necessarily have to be buttoned up. Wear it over a tank top or crop top, and t-shirt for a casual look. Half tucked shirt worn over a crop top and black jeggings are very comfortable. Play with accessories but don’t go too overboard.


Denim jacket is a literal savior for all, and is always in trend. Wear a denim jacket, over a dress, to perfectly execute your answer. Girls can always pair palazzo pants with a tucked top and wear the jacket as a cape. A white t-shirt and jeans worn with a denim jacket, if it gets too monotonous, simply, wear loose t-shirts with distressed jeans. If you’re planning to pair denim with denim, experiment with two different shades, say lighter and a darker wash or colours like black or white.


Kurta and jeans are almost synonymous with University students. Paired with kolhapuri flats and a tote bag, this combination is worn by both, boys and girls on a daily basis. When it comes to fests, bling up these looks by accessorizing. Junk neckpieces, and sunglasses. Drop the jholas and opt for backpacks for fests – much more comfortable and easy to carry. Jeans for guys go best with V neck t-shirts, sweaters, and hooded sweatshirts. Distressed jeans with kurti, paired with jhumkas can transcend a regular day look to a fest outfit.

Priyanshi, a second-year student at Indraprastha College for Women, says, “I usually attend fests after class and a sweatshirt and jeans is what I wear to college but not on a fest. I’d rather put an acid-washed denim jacket as a cape over the same outfit and be ready in no time. Of course, I always have a pair of big hoops and bandana in my bag to accessorise”.

Denim can be styled in multiple ways. It is the versatility and comfort of the material that makes it all the more popular amongst college students.

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Fashion is dynamically subjective. Here are a few 90’s inspired outfits that will make a glamourous kick-start to your college.


The Denim Effect

One of the most iconic clothing revolutions and a must have in every closet, are denims. A nice pair of boyfriend jeans or wide trousers adds a lot of character to your outfit with little effort. Try incorporating turtle neck tops or graphic vintage t-shirts with cat-eye sunglasses to up your game along with denim skirts and jackets.

A light denim jacket ripped jeans, denim shorts, or cargo pants, maybe even accessorised with a denim wrist band for guys ensures comfort with style. The 90’s are famed for experimental fluorescents, neon, and stripes. With bold messages speaking your presence, or the classic Polos, you can never go wrong!

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A pair of plaid of leggings over a solid top, or a flannel shirt over an LBD, with easy going sneakers perk up your outfit and provide the perfect comfort. A plaid shirt over a simple basic white tee is the perfect way to spice up an outfit for any guy. Or if you’re going for a monochrome outfit, be bold with your accessories and add a plaid patterned snapback.



If there is anything to be ever more grateful for are the exquisite style of sunglasses and boho rings from the 90’s which make your outfit perfect.

Try to incorporate oval sunnies or cat-eye frames or chunky hoops into your outfits.

To breathe chill in this heat, go for white sneakers. The other way around, go for solid combat boots.

Aviators: If Tom Cruise sets impossible missions to follow, this is not one. Add a chic pair of aviators in your outfits and ace your looks.


Slip dresses, pinafores and dungarees

Feeling a bit plain wearing simple jeans and a top? Revamp it. A black slip dress along with chunky hoops and a pair of comfortable flats, or a pinafore give the perfect boho-chic look to float through the day.

Dungarees add the carefree, effortless look on your outfits and make you look like a million bucks.

So roll that pant leg up and bridle yourself to beat this heat with comfort and glamor. Do not presume awkwardness, the best thing you have to wear is your confidence.
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