Remember the time when we used to obsess over Dragon Ball Z and have serious discussions on it? And the time when we would get back home and start watching Animax? Much thanks to the existence of Japanese comic creators for inventing Manga and Anime. Anime is not just a name given to Japanese animation series, but it’s taking animation to a whole new level. It’s more to do with passion and inspiration, than entertainment. Here are the top three anime to watch:


A beautiful and intense story of the ninja world, Naruto has succeeded in gaining popularity with its coming-of-age plot pertaining to Naruto Uzumaki and his peers. The scenes of action are intense and the fights last for more than three or four episodes. But don’t worry girls as there are a lot of appealing Sensei(s) to obsess over too, especially Kakashi Hatake. The anime is divided into two sections- Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. The latter shows Naruto as a grown up adult, trying to get acquainted with his powes.


A shonen anime once again, Deathnote is inspired by the concept of Doctor Faustus selling his soul to Satan. The protagonist of the story is Light Yagami who gets a notebook from Shinigami, the God of Death. Light loses his sense of judgment after acquiring this kind of power and aspires to replace God. But the centre of attraction is L who’s an eccentric detective with peculiar ways of eating, talking, sitting, etc. The story is jaw-dropping because of the intensity and L keeps you glued to the seat.

Dragon Ball Z

DBZ will remain to be everyone’s favourite, because of the most respected and adored anime character Goku. The continuation series of Dragon Ball shows Goku as a grown up adult, constantly trying to defend the Earth with his powers. The DBZ Universes consists of all kinds of intergalactic spaceships and powers and Goku tries hard to save everyone against these forces. But if you wish to watch DBZ, you ought to have patience for the length of the anime crosses more than 300 episodes.

While there are other anime worth-watching like One Piece, Bleach, Fairytale and others, the above three made it to the list for their popularity and constant addition of interesting elements in the plot. If you have never tried anime, try the mentioned ones and see how you become an Otaku in no time.

Image Credits- naruto.gamehop.com

Sudisha Misra
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