After the huge success of Dangal, both popularly loved and critically acclaimed – it is time to know the creative minds behind this heart-warming project. We present the life and career of Nitesh Tiwari, the talented director of Dangal and Chillar Party.

Interestingly, Tiwari was a software engineer before turning to the world of advertising and his newest venture; film-making has definitely taken Indian cinema by storm. In another lifetime, he was a creative director in ad agency Leo Burnett, and was highly respected as a writer.

Right from his time at IIT Bombay, Tiwari had been active on the drama front which ensured he loved every moment of his 16 year old career as a creative professional. Heralded as the “lucky” one, Tiwari first sampled the world of advertising whilst working on a project for R K Swamy BBDO when he was pursuing B Tech at IIT Bombay. The project ended, but his journey had just begun. “What I saw in the ad agency, I really loved. The atmosphere was informal, people were playing pranks. They were having a blast and were paid for it,” he says.

As a trained Hindi writer, Tiwari began with four creative directors at the agency. Being trained by four specialists in different styles, he quickly got his first brief to write a television commercial for Captain Cook Atta.

Over years, he has worked with a range of clients- Tide, Heinz Foods, Sony Entertainment Television, Reliance Mobile, McDonald’s, Perfetti Van Melle, Bajaj Electricals, Axe Deodorants, Castrol, Amul, CeatTyres, as the man who probably created their trademark and user pool in India. Today, he has successfully directed three films- Chillar Party, Bhoothnath Returns and his recent project ,Dangal bagged the filmfare.

We can’t wait to see what other tricks this director has up his sleeves!

Feature Image Credits: fatimasanashaikh/instagram.com

Anahita Sahu

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