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The Entrepreneurship cell in association with iMet Global and Campus Connect (powered by smartech labs) organized iSocial’s Career Awareness 2016 drive on New Age Jobs in Digita-Social media and E-commerce on 26th October, 2016 at Motilal Nehru College.

Various facts of a career choice and its determining factors such as aptitude and interest, lifespan of career, commercial resources, availability of opportunities, academic potential and other aspects such as digital and social media marketing were explained through relevant examples.

Digital Marketing is becoming a mainstream in India. A digital professional, or specialist is often responsible for developing strategy used in marketing a company’s product online, utilizing such techniques in the fields as social media, web analytics, email marketing and search engine optimization among others.

Here’s is a list of the various digital marketing positions available for those seeking a career in this arena:-

1)   Digital Marketing Manager

2)   Content Marketing Manager

3)   Content Writer

4)   Social Media Marketing

5)   SEO Executives

6)   Copy Writers

7)   Web Designers and many more.

The workshop began with an introduction of our well-known speaker Mr. Nishant Sharma followed by Mr. Deepak Goel, a strategic driver of BFG Corporation. He suggests students to choose fields which suits their interest and how such choices make it easier for them to grow and build a successful career.

Thus, this was one of the most interactive and appreciated workshops. Overall, the session was very useful to judge one’s skills and move in the direction where one can achieve their ambition as well as enjoy their career.

For some of us College is just starting out and for others, college is one semester away from getting over. While college is a fresh new change from school and especially the strenuous schedule of the 12th boards, a lot of us start to get very laid back and we end up in a whirlwind of confusion the minute we start to see blurred lines of the college finish line.

The idea of a gap year crosses a hundred minds at this point but honestly it’s extremely important to have a vision. Your vision might not be grand and to help you with that, there exist pre-existing visions that require more minds to jump into it. Long term goals are hard to get into order and that’s why there are short term goals that can make your long term goals look like a cake walk. If you feel confused about the next big step, India’s got a varied array of incredible fellowships waiting to be tapped into.

We would like to open the fellowship door for you and walk you through some of the most prestigious fellowships in the country:

  1. The Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) – Indian School of Business: This fellowship is great for the budding MBA aspirants. Every Marketer thrives on the research it does, and this fellowship grooms promising young researchers to be innovative problem-solvers and thinkers in the business disciplines of Accounting, Financial Economics, Information Systems, Marketing, Operations Management, Organisational Behaviour and Strategy, which are niche areas at the ISB. This fellowship requires 4 years of study from an individual and packs you in with knowledge galore. Admissions opened in September 2016 and rolling till 15th January ‘2017.  For further information about the application process log on to : http://www.isb.edu/fpm/Programme-Overview


  1. The Young India Fellowship (YIF) – Ashoka University : After going through a tired system of what is conventional Indian education, this incredible fellowship feeds you a bowl full of international standard learning. The Fellowship brings together a group of 215 bright young individuals who show exceptional intellectual ability and leadership potential from across the country, and trains them to become socially committed agents of change. The fellows will be exposed to innumerable perspectives and subjects all jam packed in one year. Admissions have opened for the first round and close on December 18th. If you miss this bracket then there will be second round of admissions following it. For further details log on to: http://www.youngindiafellowship.com/Default.aspx


  1. The Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament (LAMP) Fellowship: This fellowship gives you great insight into the political doings of the country and might frame your career in public policy, international relations, politics, law even and many more. This fellowship provides an opportunity for young Indians to be mentored by a Member of Parliament for a period of 11 months. The LAMP Fellows work full time with the assigned MP, from the beginning of the Monsoon session to the end of the Budget session of Parliament. This opportunity gives you a direct platform to voice your opinions to people that matter. The applications are now open and will be rolling till 11th February ‘2017. For further details log on to: http://lamp.prsindia.org/thefellowship


  1. The Gandhi Fellowship: This one of the most change driven fellowships of the country. The Gandhi Fellowship Program is designed to provide the youth with the opportunity for personal transformation through self-discovery and thereby, contribute to the causes surrounding them. This 2 year fellowship will take you to 5 schools and give you a chance to leave your mark on thousands of young minds that will shape our tomorrow. Applications are now rolling so don’t waste time if you really want to be the change. For further queries log on to : http://gandhifellowship.org/fellowship-programming.php


  1. The Teach For India Fellowship: If you believe in education as the way forward then Teach for India is the place to be. It is among the most popular fellowships in the country and packs immense exposure in a short period. Teach For India offers you the chance to make a real difference in tackling one of India’s most pressing challenges — educational inequity. By presenting you with one of the most difficult challenges of your life, the Fellowship will help you develop leadership skills that are critical in today’s dynamic global work environment. It recognised by some of the top notch colleges of the world and holds a lot of weight. For further details log on to: http://www.teachforindia.org/faqs

The previously mentioned fellowships are among the most revered fellowships in the country and were detailed out solely to widen your horizons and getting you tapping at your keys to research more or better suited options for yourself. You lose nothing by sending out an application so don’t hesitate in taking that first step, the rest of the choices will follow soon.

Image credits: c1styourvoiceblog.com

Baani Kashyap