A Leather Jacket is the most vogue, versatile and flexible piece of clothing that every college student must have in this freezing weather.

Leather jackets come in a host of colours that go well with everything, thereby, ensuring that you always stay at the top of your fashion game.

Leather jacket, an apparel that has the striking capability to enhance your look in seconds, and is unquestionably the easiest way to keep warm during the chilly winters.Regardless of what you’re sporting, you always will have the opportunity to throw on a leather jacket and up your vogue to another level! So, here are some flamboyant types of leather jackets to help you in the task of picking the right jacket outfit for you.

Black Leather Jacket

The way to go with black leather jacket is a polished look. It is one of the most- liked colours by men and has been wornby them for years, but hasn’t gone off theramp nor the streets.

Brown Leather Jacket

When you’re bored with the generic black, then the next best outfit would be a brown leather jacket to stand out of the ordinary! It perfectly balances between a dark and soft colour which is soothing to the eyes. Brown leather jacket is a bit hard to figure out, but the general rule is simple- Never Pair Brown with Brown.

Leather Shirt Jackets

If you’re searching for an effortless, versatile attire, you’ll find a plethora of choices with a leather shirt jacket. It has a similar style as button-downs, but it’s made from leather for durability.

Leather Moto Jackets

Also known as the classic Motorcycle jacket, this jacket will lend a shade of attitude to your look of classic elegance. Pair your  jeans and cocktail dresses—or floral skirts for a stunning contrast. For a winter look, pair a classic black jacket with denim and a colourful scarf to keep you snug.

Aviator Jackets

The leather jacket with a faux fur collar or lining has its origins in the rugged jackets early American pilots wore to stay warm at high altitudes, hence the name – Aviator Jackets. Go retro and pair yours with jeans and a graphic tee or elevate your look by wearing a jacket with an elegant dress or trousers.

Leather Jackets in Funky Colours

These jackets with a matte leather finishand quirky shades are the best way to sparkup a boring outfit. Just throw it on over basic jeans and leggings and pair with a pair of sneakers for an effortless, versatile look.

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Got a literal cold feet situation? Boots. Broke your toenail while dancing your heart out at the New Year’s party? Boots. Feeling as active as a sloth? Boots. Feeling “Vogue”? Boots.

Boots are the ultimate saviour. With “Dilli ki sardi” hitting us hard, the halos over boots only become more visible.

With winter in full bloom, it is time to go back to your cart where you saved those pair of boots to combat Delhi’s very own feet freezing January.

For the days when you feel like life is not that bad, take out your old friend out- jeans! Pair it up with a pair of calf-length boots, put on a high neck sweater and a long coat and you are good to go. Here is an advantage- the traitor denims that left you midway for those dirty ankle ends might not be an issue anymore.

For just another lazy college day, get your hoodies to work, put on your denims and get yourself a humble pair of flat-fleece lined boots.


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We have got you covered even for days when sudden parties and dates knock on your door. Get your acquaintance- loose sweater from the bottom-most shelf of your wardrobe, get a wide belt and put on knee-high boots. If you feel like the inner diva needs to vent out, do not hesitate from adding a bold element of thigh-high boots.

For the street style look which needs no introduction, get your cargo pants, oversized knitted sweater, an infinite scarf, a beanie and lace-up boots. Viola! Your Instagram feed gets a treat.

 Pull off power dressing with the “bell-bottoms & boots” master plan. Take out those bell-bottoms and tuck in a knitted sweater. Put on a blazer and finish the look with classic leather boots. A statement piece adds a kick to the outfit.

When it comes to boots, one cannot help but think about fests. Don’t look at, but look like the Vogue model you had your eyes glued on to. Fetch a well fitted high neck sweater, denim skirt a chunky pair of earrings and ankle boots for the perfect chic look.

Style tip #101: Get your peep toe heels out of the closet’s darkest cranny and find stockings of the same colour. Prick a hole at the bottom of the stockings and wear the stockings over the heels, letting the hole fit under the heel and slide the stockings up to achieve the sock-fit boots look without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Summer ended sometime back, and with the coming in of fall and eventually winter, the boot season comes along. With the crispier air outside, boots are the saviour. Also important are the totes you should consider having this winter. Auburn brings to you a guide to the perfect boots and totes, highlighting some wondrous looks.

Boots in the Box:

  1. Ankle Boots:

An essential type, because they work with everything- from skinny jeans to skirts and chic minidresses. You can create both casual and formal looks with these boots.


  1. Moto Boots:

For days when you don’t want to wear flats, get yourself these edgy, biker-inspired boots. It can help balance out a more buttoned-up look and coordinates nicely with skinnies too.


  1. Over-the-knee Boots:

They might not be the easiest to wear, but they are indeed worth the struggle, for the look is killer. Shorts, mini-skirts, or dresses look grand with these boots.


  1. Stilettos:

Get a pair for the dressier occasions- parties of every kind. Team these up with shimmery sleek bodycon dresses, one-coloured minis.  Heels make any outfit feel fancy!


  1. Chelsea Boots:

These never go out of fashion. An easy classic with a little rock-n-roll can create fantastic looks with straight-fit jeans, skinnies, skirt, and dresses, with a cardigan on top.

Tribal-art inspired boots and bag.
Tribal-art inspired boots and bag.


Tote Trouble:

  1. The Leather Satchel:

This is the essential workhorse handbag: It can hold almost anything. A neutral colour like black or leather brown adds a classy air to the look. Choose the correct size, and there you are!


  1. Chic Tote

An important part of the look, and hence if you are all dressed up do not carry a tote- carry a little clutch or a side-bag. From a rock-n-roll studded hobo to a sporty messenger to a sleek white patent clutch- every style is so chic.


  1. Iconic Handbag

Nothing heavily luxurious, but these can stand alone- perpetually making a statement and outlasting any trend. Get one, showstopper!


  1. Colour Play

It is not bad to give in to the joys of colours- they can uplift your mood. Match it to your clothes, or try it on the opposite spectrum of colours to create a contrast.


  1. Casual Carry

It allows to show-off personal style. You can work on your effortless 9 to 5 look with a casual tote/handbag.



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