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Rashi Shrivastava’s Debut novel, ‘Sojourn, A Woman in Exile’ was launched at Oxford Bookstore on Saturday, 2nd September 2017. The Shrivastava family was accompanied by friends and colleagues in the grand event.

Rashi was touched by everyone’s generosity and love at the launch. Everyone present bought copies and encouraged her. The book trailer played in the beginning of the launch captivated the audience by showing them a visual teaser of what the novel consists of and soon after Rashi read a few excerpts from her novel trying her best to not give away the entire plot.


The Q&A round was one of the most intriguing parts of the night as everybody present was extremely keen to know about Rashi’s journey as a debut author. She spoke about the struggles she faced after she finished writing her book to get it published and also gave a detailed description of her writing process.

Her English Professor, Dr Anubha Sen Mukherjee spoke highly of her and mentioned how she always loved writing even when she was pursuing her Bachelor’s in English Literature from Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, DU.  After the book signing, everybody dispersed for tea and snacks. Oxford Bookstore offered some yummy delights and refreshing drinks. Rashi posed for pictures with friends and family on the special day so that she could remember the beautiful evening forever. She thanked BecomeShakespeare.com for publishing her novel, Oxford Bookstore, CP for being such good hosts and Madpro Media, her PR Agency for helping her get through with the entire process.

Her debut novel, Sojourn: A Woman in Exile is a psychedelic intrusion into the mind of a thirty six year old single woman, Mira, who reminiscences of her past life in a span of twenty-four hours, is culminated into an awaiting surprise at her doorstep. One day out of her monotonous life has been chosen by the author to delve into the deeper recesses of her mind that harbour childhood pains, a distorted parent-child relationship and an overarching love relationship that paved the way for a dreamy future but was put to halt in between. The novel explores the beauty of nature up close and intersperses the feeling and emotion of experiencing tranquillity with the turmoil of our hearts. This is a narrative that explores the past, present and future. There is never a moment that passes for Mira without thinking of Veer. The end of the novel helps you as a reader take a call for yourself and decide, based on your understanding of life and love, if the end is a happy one or not. The novel is not prescriptive and gives the reader the right to discover.

Grab your copy of Sojourn, A Woman in Exile by clicking on the below mentioned links:

Indian Readers can purchase their copy at Amazon by clicking here or at Flipkart by clicking hereFor readers across the globe, you can get the novel here.


For more details about the author and her novel you can visit: http://rashishrivastava.in/

Dipanvita Sehgal’s Debut Novel, A Feminist in the Making was launched on 8th July 2017 at Oxford Bookstore, CP. The event was as glammed up as glammed up can be. For a first Book Launch, triple the amount of estimated guests turned up out of which more than 60% were random visitors and members of Oxford Bookstore and were simply awestruck by Dipanvita’s story’s Synopsis.

Everybody just grabbed seats and sat down to hear her speak and then a roaring applause followed after each and every question that Dipanvita answered in the Q and A round. She linked the idea to current affairs and topics. She explained the unfairness of GST on basic necessities like Sanitary napkins and explained to some readers why Feminism and Tolerance are of utmost importance in today’s sad era and state of affairs. Oxford Bookstore, CP worked as an amazing host, the staff was cordial, snacks were delicious and wonderful pictures were taken for four hours straight. Some of the most famous Bloggers of the city turned up for the show and while they usually listen to the event and go sometimes, Dipanvita’s repartee, well-articulated ideas and superb extempore answers were so impressive that they all took Dipanvita’s Publicist and Manager Nikhita Anil’s (CEO and Co-Founder, MadPro Media) number so that they could contact her to fix interviews with Dipanvita and to invite her for talks, discussions and Career Counseling Sessions.

Many people from the Literati visited and encouraged her and put some amazing and thought-provoking questions on the table to which Dipanvita had the most crisp, concise and witty replies. Many important people visited from Schools and want Dipanvita to drop in to share her inspirational story and to discuss Feminism and Gender awareness with the students. So many strangers walked up to her and said she is very inspiring, took pictures and autographs and hugged her before they left. Dipanvita got late and stayed on at the Store for everybody till 10 in the night because she did not want anybody who wanted to have their copy signed, to go back home disappointed. She patiently answered all the Interview questions and gave due time to everybody around including people who wanted to have a personal chat about life, love and depression with her. Idea Pulp Entertainment made a long cover Video of Dipanvita, of some close associates who had read the book and of new buyers and their inclination to buy a copy. The response was overwhelming from all the quarters. We have a strong feeling that this novel is on its way to becoming a Bestseller!

 Go grab your copy of A Feminist in the Making now by clicking on the following links:


Indian Readers can purchase their copy at Amazon by clicking here

Or at Flipkart by clicking here.

For readers across the globe, you can get the novel here. 

You can visit the Author’s website to know more about the author or check out her FB page to stay in touch and get the latest news about her novel.



A Feminist in the Making Team 


Economics, while all-pervasive and key to the functioning of all realms of society, is also often blamed to be dry and inaccessible for the general population who aren’t well-versed with the jargon that comes with the discipline. Prof. Ashok Sanjay Guha‘s latest release, Economics Without Tears: a New Approach to an Old Discipline, is an attempt to change that perception. Through his book, Prof. Guha, who is recognised as one of the most impressive contemporary Indian economists, attempts to not only introduce economic theory to students and the general reader, but to also show that economics can simultaneously be a learning experience and huge entertainment. The book has been received with much adulation by the who’s who of the world of economics, including Jagdish Bhagwati, Professor of Economics, Law and International Affairs at Columbia University, and Pranab Bardhan, Professor at the Department of Economics at University of California, Berkeley.

The book is set to be launched by Prof. Yogesh Kumar Tyagi, the Vice – Chancellor of the University of Delhi, in the presence of the author, on February 13, 2017, in an event that is being organised by the Department of Economics of Miranda House, in collaboration with Penguin Random House, India. The launch will be followed by an interactive session with Professor Guha and Dr. Parikshit Ghosh, who is an Associate Professor with the Delhi School of Economics.

The event is open for all students and teachers of and beyond the University of Delhi.

Date: February 13, 2017

Venue: Seminar Hall, Miranda House

Timings: 10:30 a.m.

(Students must carry their ID cards for entry)

With inputs from the Department of Economics, Miranda House

Shubham Kaushik

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