A thing that brings all the aspirants of the University of Delhi in this country to a sense of fascination is the University’s engagement with the performing arts. With a plethora of opportunities in fields like dance, music, dramatic, students are exposed to the discipline and the adventure of the arts that interest them. DU Beat brings to you the first of the six installations of its analysis of the top society in DU. The hard work was persistent, and the competition heartening. Let’s delve into who made the cut and how.


The best college society in each category was selected by creating a tally of the top 3 positions that could be won at various events. The society that secured the 1st position was awarded 3 points, the society that secured the 2nd position was awarded 2 points, and finally, the society securing the 3rd position was awarded 1 point.

34 college fests were considered in the making of the tally. The selection of these 34 colleges was based upon an analysis done by speaking with members of numerous college societies, and tracking the fests they considered most prestigious. The considered colleges are:

Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College
Aurobindo College (Morning)
Aryabhatta College
College of Vocational Studies
Dyal Singh College
Daulat Ram College
Delhi College of Arts and Commerce
Gargi College
Guru Gobind Singh College
Hansraj College
Hindu College
Indraprastha College for Women
Jesus and Mary College
Kamala Nehru College
Keshav Mahavidyalaya College
Kirori Mal College
Lady Irwin College
Lady Shri Ram College
Mata Sundri College
Maitreyi College
Miranda House
Moti Lal Nehru College (Morning)
PGDAV College (Morning)
Ramjas College
Ramanaujan College
Ram Lal Anand College
Satyawati College
Shaheed Bhagat Singh College
Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies
SGTB Khalsa College
SGND Khalsa College
Sri Venkateswara College
Shivaji College
Shri Ram College of Commerce

Top Three Positions

Alahyaa, the Indian music society of Daulat Ram College, bagged the first position with a robust lead of 39 points. Alaap (Sri Venkateswara College) followed at the second position with 17 points, while Miranda House and Hansraj College tied at the third position with 16 points.

Points Tally: Indian Music

The Winning Society at a Glance

The winning society, Alahyaa, shared its joy with DU Beat-

“Alahyaa is a group of people who relish music and more than that, understand it together. In togetherness and in unity, is how our society has functioned all these years.
This year we wanted to try something really unique and decided to create an amalgamation of two raags: Shankara and Chandrakauns. We begin with a Bandish in Shankara set in Ektaal, Jhoolna Jhulao which includes vivd taans which brings out the valour which Raag Shankara portrays.
Further ahead we sing a Tarana again in Shankara and set to Teental. We then enter Raag Chandrakuns through a Taan which begins in Shankara and then blends into Chandrakuns using the Nishad used in both these ragas. In Chandrakuns we sang a Tarana in Adachautal representing the fierceness in this raag. Finally, we recite a Ganesh Paran, in teental as we end our composition with a Sitar and Vocal Jugalbandi coupled with every instrument coming in sync at the end.
The incredible teamwork by every member helped consolidate something as soulful as this piece.
Starting from the raw ideas, the scattered Taans, the putting together, learning like absolute newbies, introducing modifications every other day,  learning from scratch again,  exercising our throats early morning, pushing each other,  preparing rigorously, feeling electric onstage , winning and lunching together is what we basically live out. It’s kept us adaptive and resilient. Our love for this legacy we’ve had  is what brought us here. We would like to take this opportunity to thank every person who has directly or indirectly contributed to Alahyaa’s growth.”
Performing Members
Mareelina Tamang (President)
Vasudha Prakash (General Secretary)
Aanchal Singh
Navya Whig
Shreya Sharma
Samiksha Srivastava
Rashim Anand
Jullee Akham
Vandana Rohilla
Ishita Sabharwal
Sahitya (Co President) – Keyboards
Ashutosh Verma- Tabla
Antara Bhattacharya- Sitar

Winners Tally:

Out of the colleges included in the tally, Alahyaa secured victorious positions at the following college fests:

1st: Dyal Singh College, Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, Hansraj College, Miranda House, Ram Lal Anand College, SGTB Khalsa College

2nd: Sri Aurobindo College (Morning), Gargi College, Maitreyi College, Kirori Mal College, Hansraj College, Shri Ram College of Commerce, Moti Lal Nehru College (Morning), Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies

3rd: Kamala Nehru College, Lady Irwin College

Data Analysis and Compilation by:

Shivani Dadhwal

[email protected]

Anushree Joshi

[email protected]

Feature Image Designed by:

Palak Mittal for DU Beat

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Every year, societies from colleges across the campus compete neck to neck and put up spectacular performances during the fest season. This year too, saw certain teams shine a little brighter than the rest. We bring you a series with college societies that put their heart and soul into their respective fields and took home the top prizes at various cultural fests.

The best college society in each category was selected by creating a tally of the top 3 positions at competitive events held during various cultural fests of this season. Whenever a society won the first prize they were awarded 3 points, for the second position they received 2 points and for the third position, 1 point was added to their tally.

For the Indian Music (Choir) category, Alahyaa of Daulat Ram College scored the maximum points in the tally. Alahyaa’s 11 points were followed by Samranjini, Gargi College that scored 10 points. Alankar of Hindu College and Swaranjali of Hans Raj College bagged third spot scoring 8 points each.


The Winning Society at a glance

Alahyaa, Daulat Ram College

Alahyaa, the Music Society of Daulat Ram College (DRC), was born in 2012. Despite being a new entrant among the other much known societies of the Delhi University (DU) circuit, Alahyaa made its place among the best societies of DU. Alahyaa, the winning society from DRC has a very unique and beautiful composition for the session 2015-16. This composition was composed by the members of the society and is based on ‘Raaga Hameer’. It has a unique beginning in which there are tabla bols of different taals beautifully weaved and incorporated into ek taal followed by a bandish “bhavra jaa re jaa” in the same taal and has an impactful  ending in teel taal.

Israt Jahan, the President of Alahyaa said, “The secret of our success lies in our constant hardwork and attachment to the society. We used to practice early in the morning in college so that maximum people attend practices, waking up at 5 a.m., something we can only do for Alahyaa! Other than that, we even practice for 4 hours every day in the afternoon. It is less of a cultural society and more of a family. We pay attention to the tiniest of details and always try to keep modifying and improving our performance by keeping a check on our recent performances and learning from other societies and their performances as well.”

Performing Members:
Israt Jahan
Brahmanshi Shekhar
Sukriti Agnihotri
Vanshika Choudhary
Ramita R Iyer
Anukriti Raghav
Tanisha Panwar
Ekta Jalotra
Arushi Taneja
Tanya Mitra
Bhavya Burnwal

Chongrosiem Hauzel- Keyboard
Payal Saria- Santoor
Shivangi Barman- Sitar
Ashutosh Verma- Tabla

Winners Tally: Alahyaa

Ten fests were included in our analysis for this series which were: Tarang, LSR; Ullas, KNC; Tempest, Miranda House; Montage, JMC; Mecca, Hindu College; Reverie, Gargi College; Nexus, Sri Venkateswara College; Shruti, IPCW; Confluence, Hans Raj College and Rendezvous, IIT-Delhi. 

Here is the list of winning performances by Alahyaa (Daulat Ram College):

I Position: Rendezvous, IIT-Delhi and Shruti, IPCW

II Position: Tarang, LSR and Nexus, Sri Venkateswara College

III Position: Tempest, Miranda House

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Nidhi Panchal
[email protected]