Admissions Season


Admissions Season in the University of Delhi (DU) throws us into the real world and teaches us lessons that would benefit us in the long run. 

The months of June, July and August are exciting ones in the Delhi University. The colleges witness crowds of youngsters with bags full of dreams and excitement. With some fear and some frenzy in their eyes, students come to seek admission in a Delhi University college hoping for all their dreams to be fulfilled. It is indeed an enthralling sight to see.

However, the admission time is a crucial one just as much as it is exciting. Students miss to get into their dream college by just a difference of 0.5 % at times. This is a phase of life that no one ever forgets. The regular checking of cut-offs, going to colleges to fill the admission form, submitting the fees, etc., all of it happens under the heat of the scorching sun. The chaos, rush, heat, exhaustion is enough to take a toll on you.  The admissions season is a rite of passage that teaches us lessons that prepare us for the real world/ This time of the year teaches some very basic things in a subtle way. It can be summed into the 3Ps:


While sitting in front of the computer screen to check the latest updates on cut-offs or standing in the queue to submit the forms and applications, one learns to be patient. Doesn’t matter what chaos is going on in your head, the determination of getting into the college of your dreams keeps you going and dominates over the frustration of the slow system.


The ambitious nature of students helps them get the desired percentage but by coming to the city and realizing/taking in the big competition that exists, one learns perseverance. In the huge sea of students who are just out of school, there are many wanting the same college as you and out of them, many wanting the same course as you. With the limited number of seats and an ample amount of people applying for them, one understands that it is vital to keep trying and that there is no giving up. The whole phase teaches you how to persevere and to do it with all your heart.


After completing the tedious task of filling out the forms and submitting them to the respective colleges, when one finally gets into college, one learns to be polite. And this is something that comes naturally to you when you meet all the seniors and try to get into a  society. After all, you wouldn’t want to be blacklisted by a senior by being rude, would you? Interacting with new people with varied backgrounds, one learns that it always helps to be polite. It helps one remain placid and in a way also paves the way to make more friends.

No book or class can teach us such qualities. It is when we are out in the world and have to manage everything by ourselves that such lessons come in handy. After coming to the city, leaving the comfort of homes, one stands face to face with the real world. And the admission process pf Delhi University teaches one how to do so.


Image Credits: The Financial Express

Akshada Shrotryia

[email protected]