Admissions Refused


In a recent case of admissions denial, a student was not allowed to take admissions because she had taken up five language courses and two elective courses, as compared to the required three. According to a recent Times of India report, a student who studied seven subjects for her 12th-grade examinations as compared to the standard 5 subjects that most students study, was not allowed admissions in the University. Delhi University’s norms dictate that a student is required to have studied three electives and a language paper. However, the student who passed her senior secondary examination from Central Institute of Buddhist Studies had opted for five language courses out of the seven subjects that she studied.

Speaking to Times of India, Gurpreet Singh Tuteja, the deputy dean of student welfare said, “The admissions would have been possible had she taken up one more elective course.”

Students and teachers at large agree with the fact that the stringent admission measured followed by the University sometimes leads to disqualification of the most deserving. Dr Madhuri Samana, a faculty member at Daulat Ram College said, “In a multilingual setting like ours, this case is a great strength that should be nurtured and not discouraged.” “Delhi University rules are very strict and often deserving candidates are not able to secure admission because of these problems”, said Zeba Shamsi, another student who is applying for PhD this year.

While following the rules is to ensure that no one who is undeserving doesn’t get into the university, but they shouldn’t become walls which prevent the deserving from getting admissions.

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Kinjal Pandey

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