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Ever since it gained popularity in the 2010s, Twitter has been the place to be on the interweb. Quick, concise and relatively direct (you can direct tweets at official celebrity accounts!), everyone from the Prime Minister of the country to the fashion blogger you follow has an account, even if they’re not that active. Recently, Twitter has also emerged as the place to talk about social issues and calamities around the globe. People use it to start campaigns and direct attention towards important issues, as well as to run updates accounts (kinda like fan-pages but with stalkerishly-accurate everyday updates) for every possible celebrity.

2015 was a landmark year that changed quite a few aspects of life as we know it, and you bet Twitter was all over it. Here’s the most loved, popular, trending and retweeted posts of 2015:

1. Most Retweeted:

most rt

The One Direction fandom reigned supreme amongst the retweeters as the most retweeted tweet of the year emerged to be Harry Styles’ message after the news of Zayn Malik leaving the boyband broke. Other One Direction related tweets also figured amongst the top, including Zayn Malik’s tweet of support after the band’s single ‘Drag Me Down’ dropped.

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The tweet about marriage equality by the official account of the President of the United States, and Caitlyn Jenner introducing herself to the world, were also amongst the most retweeted of the year.

2. India:

Twitter India also released the annual analysis of tweets that proved to be the most popular in the country.


Shahrukh Khan’s selfie with and tweet about Zayn Malik from the Asian Awards emerged as the most retweeted tweet in the country, having been RT’d over 149,000 times.

Amitabh Bacchan’s Twitter Handle remained the most followed with around 18.6 million followers, and Shahrukh Khan and Prime Minister Modi’s ranked in after him.

 india twitter trends

The top twitter trend for India in 2015 was #IPL as the T20 cricket tournament returned and saw a country known for its cricket-frenzy discuss it in over 9 million tweets. Other top trends included #SelfieWithDaughter, which started from a Modi-led campaign in Haryana to emphasise the importance of the girl child, and #BiharResults.


The twitter account of the Modi campaign Make in India became the first non-US brand to create its own Twitter emoji.

 Hashtags related to Chennai Floods (#ChennaiRains, #ChennaiFloods and #ChennaiRainHelp) emerged as a platform for the local residents to communicate and were used to give important information about the situation and in coordinating relief measures.

3. Important Global moments:


Tweets of solidarity flooded Twitter post terror attacks in Paris and other countries with the hashtags #JeSuisCharlie and #PrayForParis emerging as most popular.

black lives matter

#BlackLivesMatter became ones of the most important social movements on social media, and it all started on Twitter with people speaking out against widespread cases of racially-biased police brutality in the US.

love wins

The world celebrated a landmark move in ensuring more acceptance for the LGBT community through the #LoveWins hashtag after the US Supreme Court judgment that declared that state-level bans on same-sex marriage are unconstitutional, thus making same-sex marriage legal nationwide.

In another heart-touching moment, the Twitter community rallied for refugees from the Middle East and Africa seeking asylum in Europe to not be shunned with the hashtag #RefugeesWelcome.

One Direction emerged as the top music-related trend in 2015, and Ariana Grande as the top-trending celebrity. On the front of World Affairs, #GOPDebate and #Obama figured amongst the top trends.

4. 2015 for DU Beat on Twitter:


We at DU Beat believe in connecting with the world through the most efficient mediums, and Twitter is definitely an effective way of doing that. In 2015, we further increased our Twitter activity, with more regular tweets and instant updates from all the Festivals we covered in DU and outside. Standing currently at more than 2760 followers (with the count increasing everyday!), our biggest Twitter moments in 2015 were all the attention we got during the SRCC Youth Conference, and retweeting of our tweets during Mood Indigo 2015, the annual cultural festival of IIT Bombay by people as influential as Shaan and organisations as well-known as Nescafe.


The international DJ Borgeous also retweeted a tweet about his performance.

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