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Dear Freshers,

Welcome to the University of Delhi. Take a moment to feel the joy of having achieved a massive milestone of your life – making it into DU. This might be an accident of circumstances or a culmination of your endless efforts, but for simplicity’s sake, let’s just say that the whole world conspired to help you achieve your dreams. Now that you’ve successfully taken admission in the most prestigious educational institute in the country, it’s time to comprehend the gravity of this stage in your life. Delhi University will give you all that a college experience possibly can – education, amusement, friends, and most importantly, an identity.

Be ready to expect the unexpected. Every notion that you currently hold will be challenged in this campus, where every fleeting moment of idleness is filled with the urge to achieve something. The people you are going to meet, the ideas you are going to encounter, the academic environment which used to be a mark-milking tool for you until now, are all going to change, even as this University continues to be well-known for its almost meme-worthy standards of education. Stereotypes of how DU kids carry jholas and never actually study are hilarious in themselves, but they function as badges of honour for students in their time here. Popular for harbouring, or at least generating, a liberal and culturally aware generation of students, DU allows you to push yourself, whether that be through academics or extracurriculars. Well-rounded and up-to-date syllabi, along with the general elective under the Choice Based Credit System, come together to provide students a holistic education. The numerous societies within colleges, as well as university-wide associations further allow students to expand their horizons and develop their talents. Portraying ideas, thoughts, and injustices through dance, music, and theatre, is no small feat, and you’ll get your moment of glory throughout the much-publicised fest season. We guarantee that being part of a society or student association will give you the experience of a lifetime.

It’s no secret that the varsity has produced a variety of individuals – scholars, athletes, and even numerous Miss Indias. The opportunities that DU offers, coupled with its cultural and ideological diversity, produce a distinctively unique environment. Three years in this place changes you – undoubtedly for the better.

The age-old traditions of skipping classes to chill in the lawns of your college, or to run outside for a quick bite of Tom Uncle’s Maggi in North Campus are just as crucial to the DU experience as the education. You will create an entire bank of memories from this period of your life, such as begging your class representative to mark your proxy and photocopying notes for the entire semester a week before your final exam. But the most significant change in your life will not be learning how to navigate the Delhi metro or how to bargain most effectively for junk jewellery. It will be learning about yourself.

Some people believe that this University thrives on its past glory. We beg to differ. We believe it draws its glory from you. We believe that as you embark on this journey of your college life with a nervous, excited, and hopeful state of mind, you’ll end up with many achievements, but the most noteworthy of these would be your identity. As you steer your life for the next three years among classes, societies, and this mad city, remember that it’s up to you to become a part of the collective pride of this University.

You may leave DU as a completely new person than when you entered, or you may leave as merely a more refined version of your teenage self. But what’s undeniable is that you will be a truer version of yourself after having gone through all that DU has to offer. So sit tight, because you’re in for the ride of a lifetime at the place you’ll soon call home – Delhi University.

We wish you all the best!


With love on behalf of the DU Beat Team,

Vineeta Rana

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If you are a student seeking admissions in Delhi University who has studied one of the Indian languages like Malayalam, Odia, Marathi or any other language then you would face a deduction of 2.5%. This provision in the admission process of the central university has made its way into the national politics with the Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan writing to the Prime Minister and the HRD minister about this language bias being imposed upon students on Tuesday.

Vijayan wrote, “It has been reported that several languages included in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution, including Malayalam, are not a part of the Modern Indian Languages list considered by the university. It means they cannot be included in the calculation of the “best of four” marks, which determines the aggregate score for admission into DU.” He added that DU’s admission procedures was thus in violation of the Constitution. “It is a matter of great concern that a Central University is penalising their prospective students on the basis of their language, when it ought to lead by example in ensuring national integration,” the letter further said.

While several languages like Hindi, English, Persian, Sanskrit, Urdu, Bengali and Arabic can be included in the best of four. Other languages are excluded from the list because these are not included in the list of modern Indian languages recognised by DU, and the university does not have departments teaching these subjects.

Meanwhile speaking to Indian Express Prof. Devesh Sinha, dean of colleges said “I am afraid the university is not aware of any such letter. If it comes to us, we will look into it”.

Students and teachers of the University who come from different parts of the country have been demanding the University to pay equal attention to Indian Languages for a long time now. Now with the issue stirring up in national politics and political leaders taking cognizance, they hope that the situation will improve.

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Stories and tales of ‘how hard work will change one’s future and fate’ seemed not be working for the members of a deaf and mute community in Delhi. Their dedication and willingness to fight the society by earning their own bread was all visible in their beautiful handicrafts, paintings, gift items and other items but the filled cupboards told another story of lost hope. Their hard work and products which were supposed to change their lives couldn’t reach the market.

“It was just another appalling sight of the plight that any college student who takes up a project on social welfare will surely encounter”, says Saurabh Patel one of the co-founders of “The condition was such that even one of the heads of the NGO, which worked for these communities had to cut down on staff and take up a part time job to generate money for the organisations”, he says as he recalls the past times.

Taking lessons from one of their college projects at Cluster Innovation Centre and doing some further research, these students realised that the situation was not much different for other NGOs in the country. After days of pondering over the problem of market access to these communities, they came up with an idea of a creating a social enterprise that could help these marginalised communities sell their products at a full price to its customers. Aiming to end this plight, three students Desh Deepak Dwivedi, Saurabh Patel and Kirti Krishan started in order to provide an online marketplace for helping various NGOs and Co-Operative of weaker sections of the society like organisations of differently abled people, jail inmates, marginalised women from rural areas, local artisans, and war widows among many. Currently being housed in the Technology Business Incubator of Cluster Innovation Centre of the University of Delhi (DU).

Today more than thirty small and big organisations sell their products through their web portal. Ms.Sujata Kumari, the founder of Agrima Foundation who earlier had to cut down on the staff as she was unable to sell her products now has recruited several new of them. “Now I am busy packing products for the orders that I receive from as far as Darbhanga in Bihar to Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu. Now I know that I am receiving my due recognition”, says Sujata.

Within six months Lithics has gone forward to win several accolades. From winning the Pollination Project Grant, receiving special appreciation at DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia 2016 and was selected for entrepreneurship training at DO School Brazil. One of the co-founders got selected for Younus and Youth Fellowship program.

“We are planning to expand our reach of NGOs outside Delhi. Currently, we are eyeing towards Mumbai and Bangalore”, says Kirti Krishan who is one of the co-founders.

On being asked about what motivates them to work day in and day out, Desh Deepak says “Many people come across pain of marginalised people and go back by just showing sympathy. We wanted to do something more than that, so we empowered them. Their happiness is our sole currency.”


*Special Note

The start-up has made it to the final rounds the International Entrepreneurship for Good Program 2017, Brazil. You can make them win this competition by voting for them by clicking on the link given below.

(You would need to enter your email and confirm the same on the mail that you receive in your mailbox)

*You can buy any of their products here to support weaker communities to earn a living.


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Delhi University has released its schedule for the sports trials for admissions session 2017-18. The trials are conducted every year to admit students to different courses and colleges on the basis of Sports Quota. The trials are going to start from 27th June onwards. Here is a complete list of the games, their trial date and time and the venue for the trials.

If you are one of the applicants, you need to bring a printed copy of your undergraduate form along with you when you appear for trials. Furthermore, applicants of some particular sports are requested to bring their own equipment. The release also forbid the entry of parents inside the venues of the trials.

While the University has the provision of admitting applicants who have represented the country at International level, other applicants who do not satisfy this criteria would have to appear for the trials. In past years, students of the University have gone forward to win medals at national and international levels. The University has produced several sports stars like Gautam Gambhir, Ajay Jadeja and many more.

Schedule for Sports trails
Schedule for Sports trials
Schedule for sports trails
Schedule for sports trials
Schedule for Sports trails
Schedule for Sports trials
Equipment required for sports
Equipment required for sports

You can download the PDF version of the same here.

The new season will start from 20th July onwards. The trials carry 60% of the total weightage while the certificates account for 40% of the total score. Candidates combined score would be used to calculate the overall merit list on the basis of which candidates would be offered admissions in various courses in various colleges.


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Lately, Delhi University had drawn the ire of students for setting multiple goalposts in its post graduate admissions, nearly postponing the schedule twice. In a latest move, it has revised its admissions schedule for undergraduate merit based courses. In a newly published notice on the University website the admissions schedule for undergraduate courses have been revised and the first cut off list which was scheduled to be out on 20th June has been delayed to 24th June. The first cut offs and admissions for the same will now begin from 24th June and will continue till 28th June.

This would be followed by the second cut off, which will start admitting students from 1st July to 4th July. The third and fourth cut off will begin and end on 7th July to 10th July and 13th to 15th respectively.  The fifth cut off would be out on 18th July and will continue to admit students till 19th July. Other than the five cut off lists, further lists will be declared by the University based on the vacancy of seats in the colleges.

While the document verification and approval of admissions would continue from 9:30 AM to 1:30 AM in morning colleges, the timing for evening colleges is from 4PM to 7PM. After the admissions are approved, the applicant would be required to log in to the portal and pay the admission fees by the 12:00 noon of the next day of the given deadline.

This move will affect students who have not yet taken admissions in any other institute and are waiting for the cut offs. “It is quite frustrating as we already lost a lot of time, we are left unsure of joining any other universities for backup”, said Naimisha, an outstation student who has already planned her trip to Delhi.


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In a shocking move which would surprise many aspirants, University of Delhi has rescheduled the admissions dates for Post Graduate programs. According to the new admissions schedule, the registrations for Masters, M.Phil and Ph.D courses would start from 12th June 2017. In a recent press release by the University it mentioned that the process would be entirely online.

The admission which were to start on 31st of May were delayed and the dates were changed to 7th of June. The University has further delayed the admissions by a week. This move is expected to cause widespread resentment among students.

The move comes as a big setback for students who are eagerly waiting for the entrance exams. With their semester exams over and entrance of other Universities are a cause of anxiety for students who are camping in the city just for Delhi University entrance. Nikhil Agrawal, an aspirant who gave his final year exams this year says, “This move of the University of setting multiple goal posts rather than clearly declaring one single date is going to increase the frustration among aspirants who are already anxious because of the earlier delays. The University should resolve the matter soon, and stop harassing students with such moves every week.”

The Post graduate programs of the University admit students on the basis of merit and entrance exams. The entrance exam for the same would be held in six different cities across India.

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After days of wait, large crowds of students flooding open days with hundreds of queries, Delhi University has finally uploaded its much sought Admissions Bulletin 2017-18 for Undergraduate Courses. Although the link of the bulletin was provided in the UG admissions page from the morning itself, but link of the PDF file became inactive after some time. Late Saturday night, University uploaded its admissions bulletin.

The bulletin clearly explains the details of how to register for the online admissions, step by step. It even discusses clearly with examples various topics like how to calculate your best of four. Other than the normal information which the University had earlier shared through its open days, some new information like list of colleges providing concession to girl candidates have been added to the information bulletin.

Here is a brief account of which section you should access to clear your doubts.

  • Registration details: Page no. 1 to 2.
  • Admission Procedure: 3-12
  • Programs offered: 13-14
  • Requirements for admissions: 14-17
  • Program specific requirements: 18- 27
  • College wise Course list and their fees: 28 (Annexture I)
  • Reservations rules and procedures: 29-37
  • Sports and ECA quota and guidelines: 38-43
  • Admissions in non-regular courses like NCWEB, SOL: 49
  • How to calculate best of four: Annexture 2(Page no. 89)
  • Cut off list of previous year: 169

The Admissions bulletin is expected to resolve most of the doubts and queries of the aspirants. Students can also check page no. 63 to 68 to get answers of the frequently asked questions. If still, students face any doubts they can contact the grievance offices in colleges or University’s grievance cell in the conference centre.

You can find the entire PDF document of the bulletin in this link.

For any other doubts, you can message us on our FB page.

Do tune in for our FB live which in which we discuss admissions queries and doubts with deputy dean, student welfare of University of Delhi today.


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Just before the day of action, Delhi University has delayed the date of online registration of its Postgraduate, M.Phil and PhD courses. In a recent press release, the university has declared a new revised admissions schedule for its Ph.D, M.Phil , Postgraduate and Undergraduate (entrance based) Programmes for the academic session 2017-18.

The online registrations for Postgraduate, M.Phil and Ph.D programs which were to begin tomorrow will now begin from 7th June, 2017.  The process of registrations for the admissions will be entirely online. The details of the registration process and other details will be published in the bulletin of admissions which will be uploaded in the website soon. The registrations will go on till 20th June, 2017.

Meanwhile, the date for the Undergraduate entrance based courses will be announced later. The online entrance for these nine courses will be held across eighteen cities across the country.

The offline entrance for postgraduate courses will be held across in six centres across the country. They would be held in Delhi, Kolkata, Varanasi, Guwahati and Nagpur while in South India, the centre would either be in Bangalore or Chennai.

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In the recent meeting of standing committee for admissions held yesterday, Delhi University has decided to scrap the idea of conducting online entrance exams for its Masters, M.Phil and PhD courses. Earlier the standing committee had given approval for the same on 19th May. There was a large opposition from student groups led by Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) and Delhi University Student’s Union (DUSU) against online entrance claiming that this could disadvantage students from rural backgrounds.

The university decided to carry on with the offline exam this year because of the unfeasibility of conducting entrance in both online and offline modes. “Logistics involved in conducting both kind of examinations were not feasible. Several stakeholders were consulted and it was found that it needed a large exercise,” a member of Standing Committee for Admissions told PTI.

“Diverting the same resources for two examinations would not only involve more cost but also manpower. Also time is very short,” the member said.

Next year the plan would start little earlier than usual and the feasibility of the same will be tested. However some members of the committee felt that this move would need a nod from the academic council of the University.

The entrance would be held in offline modes in six centres across the country. They would be held in Delhi, Kolkata, Varanasi, Guwahati and Nagpur while in South India, the centre would either be in Bangalore or Chennai.

However, online entrance would be held for the nine under graduate course on a pilot basis this year across eighteen centres. Entrance for all entrance based courses are going to begin from 31st May onwards.

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Self-preservation is the law of the nature. It seems that the first year law students of Delhi University’s law faculty decided to follow nature’s law over the norms set by the University yesterday. The Campus Law Centre(CLC) of Delhi University had to postpone one of its exams of 1st year in the view of ruckus and violent atmosphere created by some students who were not provided their admit cards due to lack of attendance. The students of Law Centre I and Law Centre II protested for the fact that students of campus law centre being provided with provisional admit cards by the Prof. In Charge.

The first year students who reached Campus Law Centre to appear for their Criminal Procedure Code (Cr PC) exams were surprised to find a huge commotion in the centre along with a huge police presence. Some students who were protesting even threatened the authorities of committing suicide by jumping from the 1st floor of the building. The entire event which unfolded yesterday finds its origin in the act of the prof. in charge of Campus Law Centre, Prof. Usha Tandon who issued provisional admit to the detained students of CLC who had not been issued their admit cards due to lack of attendance. This act irked the students of the other centres who had not been issued any admit cards due to lack of attendance.

In an emergency meeting that took place among the dean, Pro vice chancellor(PVC) and the Prof in charge of the centres, it was decided that the Prof. in charges have no authority to issue admit cards, which can only be issued by the University to students who fulfil the criteria set by the Bar Council. Later, in another notice the PVC on the advice of proctor, allowed the prof. in charges to issue admit cards to students which was subject to PVC’s approval. This was met with another notice from the dean of law faculty who mentioned that she won’t be responsible if this action of the university leads to de-recognition of the degree by Bar Council later.

Later in a joint appeal to the detained students, the dean and the Prof. in charges requested them to co-operate with the decision of the University as their action can lead to derecognition of the degree of nearly 5500 students who are currently enrolled in the faculty. The exam which was cancelled will be held later.

Last year, similar ruckus forced the authorities to provide students with admit cards for which the University had to face the ire of Bar Council. “This ruckus by students who don’t attend the faculty for the entire semester is affecting the normal students” said Jaideep Panghal, a student of Law Faculty.

Although students have every right to protest, but is it just to prevent others from giving exams and coerce the authorities with suicide threats instead of attending classes?

You decide, and do tell us in the comments.


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