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Testing the patience of aspirants, Delhi University further delays the PG admissions process by another week

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In a shocking move which would surprise many aspirants, University of Delhi has rescheduled the admissions dates for Post Graduate programs. According to the new admissions schedule, the registrations for Masters, M.Phil and Ph.D courses would start from 12th June 2017. In a recent press release by the University it mentioned that the process would be entirely online.

The admission which were to start on 31st of May were delayed and the dates were changed to 7th of June. The University has further delayed the admissions by a week. This move is expected to cause widespread resentment among students.

The move comes as a big setback for students who are eagerly waiting for the entrance exams. With their semester exams over and entrance of other Universities are a cause of anxiety for students who are camping in the city just for Delhi University entrance. Nikhil Agrawal, an aspirant who gave his final year exams this year says, “This move of the University of setting multiple goal posts rather than clearly declaring one single date is going to increase the frustration among aspirants who are already anxious because of the earlier delays. The University should resolve the matter soon, and stop harassing students with such moves every week.”

The Post graduate programs of the University admit students on the basis of merit and entrance exams. The entrance exam for the same would be held in six different cities across India.

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