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The aspirants at were taken aback by the mismanagement, which led to several parents and students waiting till midnight to get their admission done. 

On 1st July 2019, the second day of admissions for the first cut-off list saw over-crowding and unprofessionalism by the authorities which led to a number of students suffer till midnight. 

A source who had gone to get admission in B.A. (Programme) during the first cut-off list revealed that there was only one counter for all the courses which caused the ruckus.  He said “They collected applications from all the students and then announced their names for eligibility. It took nearly four hours to get the eligibility slip.” According to him, many parents waited till midnight and even beyond that to complete the admission process. 

Another applicant’s sister who accompanied him for admission to Shaheed Bhagat Singh College (Evening) also stated that there was major inconsistency in administrations during admissions. She revealed that she had to go there twice to complete the process, first on 30th June and then on 1st July. She said, “There was no systematic process for admissions, no proper counters or queues which created immense chaos. The students from National Cadet Corps of the college were on duty and worked diligently but I couldn’t see any teacher-in-charge supervising them or helping them resolve the chaos.” 

We contacted Mr. Sunil Kumar, Secretary, Staff Council at Shaheed Bhagat Singh College Evening who himself stayed till 11 a.m. in the College to get the admissions done. He touted over admissions as a cause for this prolongation. He revealed that despite having a capacity of 814 seats, the college has taken in 1013 admissions, wherein even now, the admissions are open for courses like B.Com (Programme), B.Com (Hons.) and some combinations of B.A. Programme. While in other colleges, a combination of Commerce and Economics in B.A Programme has 15 seats ideally, the college has admitted around 100 students. He added  “Unlike other colleges l, we did not close the admissions at 6 p.m. We cooperated and admitted all the students who were eligible. My non-teaching staff stayed back till 4 a.m. in the morning to complete procedures for everyone who had come.” He also stated that around 8 p.m. the administration announced that parents can submit their documents and leave, the authorities would complete formalities and give them their fee slips in the morning the next day, but there were many who had come from different cities and wanted to take slips with them, so they stayed in the campus grounds till late.

He also added that there was no mismanagement per se, it just took a lot of time because of the intake of students. He stated  “We have admitted 106 students against the EWS quota which only has 37 seats, 438 against Unreserved category which had 373 seats, 308 admissions were done against 219 seats from the OBC quota and 141 against 121 for ST seats. We didn’t deny admission to any student who was eligible and hence, it took a lot of time”

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In a shocking move which would surprise many aspirants, University of Delhi has rescheduled the admissions dates for Post Graduate programs. According to the new admissions schedule, the registrations for Masters, M.Phil and Ph.D courses would start from 12th June 2017. In a recent press release by the University it mentioned that the process would be entirely online.

The admission which were to start on 31st of May were delayed and the dates were changed to 7th of June. The University has further delayed the admissions by a week. This move is expected to cause widespread resentment among students.

The move comes as a big setback for students who are eagerly waiting for the entrance exams. With their semester exams over and entrance of other Universities are a cause of anxiety for students who are camping in the city just for Delhi University entrance. Nikhil Agrawal, an aspirant who gave his final year exams this year says, “This move of the University of setting multiple goal posts rather than clearly declaring one single date is going to increase the frustration among aspirants who are already anxious because of the earlier delays. The University should resolve the matter soon, and stop harassing students with such moves every week.”

The Post graduate programs of the University admit students on the basis of merit and entrance exams. The entrance exam for the same would be held in six different cities across India.

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