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Fearful of Failing Language Exams, First Year Students Reapply for CUET

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Many first year DU students who opted for regional language subjects are reapplying for CUET 2023-24 because of the fear of failing their exams owing to advanced syllabus and other administrative issues.

Several first year students enrolled in BA programme degrees who opted for regional languages are now reapplying for CUET 2023-24. They are doing so out of the fear of failing their language exams, which have an unexpectedly advanced syllabus. The students believed that they would be taught the basics of the languages they had chosen. They are unaware about basics such as the alphabets of the languages, and yet are being taught complicated literature. 

The University has adopted an extremely nonchalant attitude towards the concern of these students. Its response is that nothing can be done about the issue at hand. In fact, the administration holds the students responsible for not rectifying the curriculum beforehand. The demand raised by the student body to be able to change their language subjects to either Hindi or Sanskrit has repeatedly been denied.

The syllabus had to be completed in a short span, so there was absolutely no comprehensive explanation of topics and the lectures lacked any sort of discussions.”

– Aishwarya, a first year student of Gargi College in conversation with DU Beat

The students have also complained regarding the fiasco created around the eligibility criteria. In November 2022, the document issued by the university on its website did not contain the eligibility criteria. However, when inspected by PTI, an old document with an unedited eligibility criteria was visible. This further fuelled confusion among the students.

There is also a severe delay in the appointment of teachers of language subjects. A Miranda House student of BA Programme with Political Science and Tamil as her combination has revealed that she is the only student in the college with such a combination, and a teacher was appointed to her only last week. Many students are extremely dejected, and are afraid that they will fail their end-semester exams. This apprehension is leading them to consider appearing for CUET and taking admission all over again, with different choice of subjects. 

Rubani Sandhu

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Image credit: Hindustan Times

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