DUB Review: Only Murders in the Building- As close as it Gets to Perfect

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Only Murders in Building has returned to us with a second season that is better than the last. Read more to find out.


The plot has officially thickened and this time, our favourite podcasters have ended up in the line-up. That’s right, Mabel Mora, Oliver Putnam, and Charles Haden-Savage are prime suspects. The seemingly odd combo of Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steve Martin functions like a well- oiled machine, and the trio will make you stick to your screen from start to finish. Right from the first minute, we are thrust into the murder of perhaps the only person in the Arconia more hated than Tim Kono- Bunny. The very first scene shows Mabel standing over Bunny’s dead body with her signature knitting needle doused in blood and it just ramps up from there.

The cast, not just the main three but the entire cast, every single person that shows up on the screen for no matter how little, it’s all nothing less than perfect. And of course, Selena, Martin, and Steve stun in their respective roles.


Yet, despite all the glitz that the show possesses in abundance, it’s the story that shines through. Continuing with the narrative style of the first one, every episode follows the main plotline from the perspective of a different Arconia resident and manages to add depth to the narrator and the story in one swing. One of the standouts for me personally, is how warm the show is. The colours, the background music, and even the fade-to-black sequences. One of the primary grudges I bear with modern television is how enhanced videography has turned every frame so dull and cold, utterly devoid of colour. But ‘Only Murders’ is refreshingly alive.  With merely three episodes , the show has cemented its return as triumphant, further securing its place as the perfect recommendation, worthy of tuning in every week.


Naina Priyadarshi Mishra

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