Can I Count on you?

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A teacher-student relationship is one of a kind. We look upto them for every hiccup and every smile. However, as we grow up, are they still there?


Reminiscing the bygone days, I remember the jitters I used to get on the first day of any session. Who will be our class teacher? Will she be strict? While these questions made circles in our mind, our teacher used to enter with a big and bright smile and that was the point where we realised that it is the right and the safest place to be. Her charm worked as a soothing balm for all our pain and emotions and her words of wisdom made us able enough to be where we are at the moment. Reeling back to the school days, our teacher meant the world to us. She became the parent figure that we never anticipated. 


I still remember the time when I messed up with the answer script back in class 10th. It was late at night, around 11pm, when my phone rang. The next thing I know that my teacher was giving me an earful and to be honest, I deserved it. Had it not been for my teacher’s support, my paper would definitely have been cancelled. Not only for this instance, but she was my anchor throughout my school life. Never had I anticipated that a teacher at my school would become such an integral part of my life, to whom I would turn for every minute thing. She was always there through all my highs and lows. She believed in me and helped me nurture and identify my potential. She looked out for me as any parent would do. The connection I had with her and the bond I shared was one of a kind and as I moved to college, I did not anticipate such a thing but yearned for it to happen.


College in its full glory is all good and hearty. Undoubtedly, new friends and a new environment induces some other level of excitement but what about the perpetual connection with the professors? Or is it only a give and take relationship for notes and lectures? I never thought I would long for such a bonding that I shared in my school days but sometimes it makes me wonder if I would ever get a chance to become a little kid for them. It would have been my sheer honour to share something special with them, something that would spell wisdom and guidance. Not disagreeing with the fact that they are there if we need them but it just has some missing links which makes me come back to my question, whether I can count on them as more than a teacher? 


Nevertheless, it startles me to see how every time a student messes up, the teachers stand in unison to take up the role of their protector. This very feeling makes each of us feel safe and secure and that’s something we as students never want to lose. At the end, all I can say is no matter how many transitions we go through, the love and respect for our teachers remain constant.


Image Caption: Teacher, will you be there even when I grow up?


Image Credits: Tuio


Ankita Baidya 

[email protected] 

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